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Individual Photo Albums & Stories

Various views of Det 3 atop Dragon Mountain.

These photos were originally posted by Bruce on his own site.  However,

he has since abandoned it and, with his permission, they have been

added to this site. All of the titles were written by Bruce.

Also on the bumper to the left is SP4 David Koseruba.  Scott Oldham is between Dave and the dog. 

SP4 Hank Nevins is the one just to the right of the dog.  He cut the spot for the 43rd Signal Batallion's

MARSstation heard on my show.   At the far left is Air Force Sgt Rick Tanguay, who ran the

AM transmitter site located at Camp Schmidt.   The black soldier above him is Eric Williams.

Sometime during Bruce Whal's tour, someone in Saigon decided that the original station site at Dragon Mountain and Camp Enari

should be photographed for posterity.  Bruce made a place for himself aboard the Huey and shot lots of slides.  These pictures were made several months after the 4th Infantry Division left Camp Enari at the foot of the mountain and the top of the mountain had been abandoned.

The road up Dragon Mountain.

Slide Show

15 Photos

Click on the right arrow to start the show and on either arrow to go back and forth.

(The slides are set to change  every 5

seconds.  Clicking on either arrow will speed up this transition.)

I remember some names, but not many.  At the top right is SFC John Cheeley, Detachment NCOIC,

to the left is SFC Bud Powers, Chief Engineer, the skinny one in the center top row is me (Bruce Wahl)

30 years and 100 pounds ago.  Below Bud, with the bald head is Navy JO1 Bill Gideon. 

If you've listened my show at http://www.afvn.org/audio/BruceWahl.ram,

Bill made the spot requesting help from other units.  Just to his left is, I think, John Ladwig.

On the bumper, just above the "243FS" is SSGT. John Childress.  To his right is Navy ET2 Adam Fetner. 

2.  Dragon Mountain Photos

Det 3 Radio Booth.

This is the TV Control Room in the van.  To the rear (in this shot) is the small booth used for the news,

before we built the TV studio in the main building.  The video switcher is in the desktop.

In the center rack is the sync generator and two camera control units, all made by Sarkes Tarzian. 

At the time this picture was taken, there were only two video cameras in the station, one in the news booth and the

other in the film chain, located between this control position and the transmitter. 

The transmitter was a tube type, made by Gates.  It had 5 KW for video and 400 Watts for audio.

3.  Aerial Shots of II Corps Headquarters


4.  Det 3, Pleiku Transmitter Sites. 

Note:  The photos in the first two sections were inserted individually because some of them had rather long titles. 

The following are arranged as a slide show due to lack of space on this webpage.

The sign on the side of the building.  Again, this paint job was the result of us over-reacting to a Headquarters Officer's visit.

This is a view of Dragon Mountain from the east.  It sure was a prominent feature on the horizon!

1.  AFVN Detachment 3, Pleiku

The TV and FM transmitters were located at the MACV Compound at II Corps Headquarters in Pleiku.

Bruce A. Wahl  1LT, USA (Infantry) 

OIC, Pleiku  1968-69

This is the front of AFVN Det. 3, after we decorated it for visiting officials! 

According to local stories, this building had been a stable before we acquired it. 

It housed the FM Transmitter, two radio studios, a TV studio, OIC/NCOIC office, and a huge record library.

Just to the left of the building is the TV van, painted white.  The FM/TV tower is visible at the left corner of the building.

The 55 gallon drums filled with sandbags were our protection from shrapnel from rocket attacks.

AFVN Detachment 3 Pleiku Headquarters.  On the left are the two diesel generators that powered the station. 

Right above the concrete power pole is the TV/FM tower.  The white TV van is to the left of the building. 

The news booth is at this end, the entrance doors and the transmitter are at the far end. 

II Corps headquarters is about 100 yards to the left of the TV Van.