​​Building a New Radio Studio

The transmitter/studio was in a very small building just at the edge of the transmitter field. During the month of October the other Army Specialists and myself constructed what was to become the "new studio".

[Posted on Facebook by Ron Dufault) on May 12th, 2017.]

Slide Show of Hon Tre

by Tom Benintende  SP5, USA  (1969-70)

Chuck Ingle at the board in Nha Trang.

[Taken from Facebook in November 2018.]

Joe Huser in Nha Trang in 1972

[Taken from Facebook in December 2018.]

Travelogue of Nha Trang in 2018

Does anybody remember Nha Trang looking like this?

[Taken from YouTube August 2018.]

Conversation about Hon Tre Island

More photos of Detachment 4, Nha Trang are shown at--

Photos & Stories

James M. Farrell  1LT, USA  OIC, Nha Trang  1969

Paul W. Starnes  SP5, USA  Cam Ranh Bay / Hon Tre  1969-70

Furnished by Barry Brower in March 2013.   (Nha Trang, 1969-1970).

A Donut Dollie on the air.  

Discussing the pull down of the Nha Trang/Hon Tre site and possible relocation of the FM broadcast

transmitter to the CORDs Headquarters at Nha Trang Beach in perhaps April 1972. 

CWO Gilbert L. MacDonald is facing the camera.  The the far right is an Army SP5 and on the far left is Air Force T/Sgt.

[Recevied from Ron Turner in January 2017.]

The narration in the graphic written by Rick Fredericksen.  

He also wrote: "Can you believe this is a TV newsroom?  Made for one anchor and one nightly newscast."  

Michael Goucher wrote "Not unlike our Pleiku newsroom atop Dragon Mountain."

Det. 4, Nha Trang Jeep Stolen

Posted on AFVN Listeners and Broadcasters by Bruce Eaton in November 2017.

He wrote "Essential mode of travel at AFVN stations. Primary carrier for the weekly TV Program Boxes (V&W kinescope film reals).

AFVN, Det 4 had one stoleln from Nha Trang Air Base with entire week of TV programs on it.  Pt word out.  No new TV

programs next week!  Two days later...call from the MP's...jeep found abandoned on MS 1 (main highway) with all

contents and all ID lettering/numbers sanded off.  GI who lost it repainted the jeep."

NB:  Bruce must have been desperate for a photo of a jeep.   The above is obviously a World War Two jeep 

and is, in fact, the graphic is titled "Jeep 1941."  To see a restored Vietnam War jeep, go to Bob Young's Slide Show.  


AFVN Detachment 4, Nha Trang/Cam Ranh Bay

AM  10,000 watts       900 KHz (Cam Ranh Bay)

FM  25,000 watts        99.9 MHz (Dong Ba Thin)

TV   40,000 watts                                 Channel 11