Army SP4 Bob Lawrence Claimed AFVN News Was Censored

 Includes some comments by USMC Cpl Tom Sinkovitz.

AFVN Radio and TV Station (Det 5, Quang Tri)

Published April 8, 1970 Usage Public Domain Mark 1.0 Topics AFVN, AFRTS, Vietnam War, 1961-1975, United States. Army, United States. -- American Forces Vietnam Network, US Army

Color, silent. April 08, 1970 "Summary: LS, tower and bldgs in radio and TV station area. MS, sign on roof: "AFVN." LS, TV van. Int, soldier editing motion picture film. CUs, editing machine and splicer. VS, soldier breaks film and splices in news clip. VS, soldier looks through pile of papers. VS, soldier looks at card files to locate a slide. VS, soldier takes slide from drawer. VS, soldier inserts slides in slide tray and writes sequence on paper. VS, two soldier reporters sit at news desk in TV studio talking. LS, TV cameraman cueing start of broadcast. CU, cameraman's view looking through camera. VS, two newscasters reporting the news. MS, two TV cameramen with their cameras. CU, sign on news desk: "AFVN VIETNAM RADIO-TV, NEWS, SPORTS." VS, soldier wearing headset, sits at radio console and speaks into microphone. VS, soldier disc jockey selects record and places it on turntable. CU, radio console. LS, soldier sitting on grass and eating. He is listening to a portable radio. VS, soldiers atop bunkers and M-ll3 APC, listen to radio." National Archives Identifier:     33569

[Submitted by Doug Jennings, September 29, 2015.]

AFVN Apollo 12 Moon Walk Coverage

by American Forces Vietnam Network

 Uploaded to Youtube by Bob Morecook.

Note:  The video is of rather poor quality.

Clip from the movie "Good Morning, Vietnam"

Louis Armstrong's "Its' a Wonderful World."

​​​​​​Bobbie the Weather Girl

By Freedom Hill Films, 1992.  Co-produced by Bobbie Keith and Evan H. Morgan (51 min.)
Some of the material is the same as in the TV Weather Report above.

TV News, Sports and Weather

Da Nang,  July 7, 1970

Lead Story - "American Evacuate Jordan, Israelis Penetrate Syria,

and Civilian Massacre South of Da Nang"

with JOSN Roger Stillman, USN.

TV News - "The Week in Review" 

Saigon, August 1972

Lead Story - "Senator Thomas Eagleton Will Not Run for Vice-President"

with JO2 Terry Oliver, USN.

Bobbie Keith, TV Weather Report and Surprise Birthday Party for

This clip ends with a surprise birthday cake for Bobbie.

Home Video of Quang Tri, Da Nang and Saigon

by 1LT Steve Wiltsie, USA- 1970/71

TV News and Sports, Saigon

February 3, 1973

Lead Story - "Pentagon surprised that a Marine supposedly KIA was actually a POW"

with SP4 Bob Morecook, USA, and SP5 Jerry Elliott, USA.

News and Weather by JO3 Keith Swann, USN

and Sports by GySgt Jack Holsomback, USMC

JO3 Swann was with AFVN in 1971/72 while GySgt Holsomback was with Da Nang in 1966

so I have no idea as to when this was broadcast.  Webmaster

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TV Weather Report with Bobbie Keith in Saigon

Ms. Bobbie Keith was a civilian living in Saigon who volunteered to do TV weather for AFVN This weather cast

starts off with a promo for R and R in Thailand, gives temps around the Orient, and closes with a great

scene of Bobbie dancing for the camera.