An Anecdote of How Some of the Troops Reacted to AFVN

I thought you'd enjoy this. I got this from a retired Marine Gunny I know.  

             John Noble

     "I remember it was August of 1970.  Me and my squad of Marines were on Patrol during a monsoon rain.  I had a, small transistor radio attached the top of my backpack cover with a small plastic bag.  The rain was pouring pretty heavily.  That when the song "War" by the Temptations and song by Edwin Starr came on.  I cranked up the radio and me and the squad boogie across that rice paddie like a bunch insane lunatics.  Thank God for those Armed Forces Radio Jocks.  They brought a piece of home to us now and then.

Semper Fi!"

Vietnam Vet Radio

Run by Bennie Blount SFC (Retired) US Army, and others is an excellent source of

music from the Vietnam War era.

Main Entrance to the AFVN Studios in Saigon  (October 31, 1966 to March 22, 1973)

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