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Prepared and Posted on Youtube by Bob Morecook,  March 2019.

The following message was received from Rick Fredericksen on March 24, 2019:

        I'm sure I have seen and heard this wonderful video-audio compilation.  Especially rewarding are the photos of

        the troops listening and watching AFVN---that was our audience . One correction; the photo about half way

        in is identified as Bob Lawrence.  It is actually Marine Cpl. Tom Sinkovitz.  Easily confused since they hung out

        together and were roommates. Thanks for the memories. 

Rick Fredericksen        

Excerpts from AFVN Radio    # 1     # 2    # 3

Received from Bennie Koon who was an AFVN listener from the 1st Cavalry Division (1967-1968)

He received these tapes from a friend.

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​[Posted in May 2018.]


Unknown Newscaster

         Here's another excerpt from the Paul Starnes recordings: a partial newscast with no identification of the announcer. The recording ends suddenly after about 3 minutes. It is dated June 17, 1970...the noon newscast, which was broadcast out of Dong Ba Thin, but would have originated in Saigon. Can anyone identify this voice? Whoever it is would l probably like to hear this recording.

          Thanks to Steven Starnes.

  [Submitted by Rick Fredericksen]  

See AFVN Group Conversations, Bruce Blackburn for more information. 

Pleiku Aircheck - 1968

From the Pleiku radio station located at Camp Enari at the base of Dragon Mountain.  The clip opens with the network ID by Gary Gears.  The principal voices are Don Dornberg and Michael Goucher. 

Received from Don Dornberg on December 3, 2015.


Air Check by Alan Moore, Det 2 Da Nang

Note: This is a radio air check, the photos were added later.

[Posted on Facebook by Dennis Woytek, June 2018.]

US Army Vietnam Showcase

An example of a program prepared by the USARV Information Office for broadcast on AFVN. 

The year is unknown but it must not have been too long after one of Bob Hope's shows at Long Binh. 

It is a little over 26 minutes in length. 

Received from Paul Kasper in September 2016.


  • Newscast3:46

  • Soul 702:26

American Forces Vietnam Public Service Ads

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​[Posted in May 2018.]


  • Pleiku Aircheck - 19683:55

Armed Forces Radio Service

​Although ​these recordings predate AFVN,

they contains some fine old music we might have listened to as kids.  

​[Posted in June 2017.]


  • Sunrise in Saigon 125:25
  • Sunrise in Saigon24:44
  • Sunrise in Saigon19:17


         Does anyone remember this cool promo, or the "Soul 70" show itself?  It is part of the Paul Starnes' collection of recordings that he made at Dong Ba Thin, the AM studio that served as a sub detachment of Nha Trang (on Hon Tre Island).

           Paul dropped this promo into his June 17th, 1970 show . I included a little bit of Paul's voice as the promo ended and he introduced the next song.  The bigger question: does anyone remember Sgt. Bob Anderson, the host of Soul 70?  This sounds like it was a Vietnam-produced program, perhaps right there atDong Ba Thin, or in Saigon.  But I suppose it could have originated in LA.


Thanks to Paul Starnes son, Steven, for providing this clip to AFVN. 

[Submitted by Rick Fredericksen]  

  • AFVN Sound of Home11:55

American Forces Vietnam Public Service Ad

"Count Malaria"

A rather inventive radio spot about remembering to take your malaria pill regularly.

Graphic is Sp5 Bill Hall, USA, Radio, Nha Trang 1969-70

​[Posted in April 2020.]


AFVN Sunrise in Saigon
SP5 Gary Brill, USA    February 3, 1970

[Three parts totaling 1:05]

  • 26:41

AFVN on November 27, 1970

Excerpts from AFVN the day after Thanksgiving, 1970.

Received from Thom Whetson on November 21, 2016.


  • 35:45

Nha Trang Air Check

June 23, 1970 

This is a 6 a.m. to midnight aircheck of AFVN FM (99.9) radio, Nha Trang, made on June 23, 1970.   Among the voices heard on this aircheck are those of Army disc jockeys SP4 Chuck Ingle, SP5 Tom Benintende, PFC Meade H. Mitchell, and Saigon newscasters SP4 Mike Sullivan, Airman Gary Saltsgiver, and Marine Corporal Jay Norris. 

Also, a number of AFRTS personalities are heard.  They include: Gene Weed, Roger Carroll, Ira Cook, Paul Anthony, and John Doremus.  The aircheck also includes a variety of AFVN jingles and command information announcements.

[Furnished by Jim Allingham]

Five parts, approximately 73 minutes in total.

The Nostalgia Machine

Popular music from 1960 to 2013.

(Not far enough back for this old Webmaster.)

Vietnam Vet Radio

Again, not a true AFVN Archive, but  to quote their site: "Vietnam Vet Radio is an internet only non-profit radio station dedicated to the men and women who served in the Vietnam War, their families, and friends. With a few exceptions all the songs played are from the Vietnam War era. We also play the authentic jingles and public service announcements that were played on AFVN (American Forces Vietnam Network) Radio.

Submitted by Doug Jennings

  • Australian Radio 2 15:30
  • Australian Radio 2 - Part 216:17
  • Australian Radio 2 - Part 315:19

  • Australian Radio 1 16:19
  • Austalian Radio 1 - Part 216:19
  • Australian Radio 1 - Part 315:33

  • AFVN FM Sign On & Sunrise in Saigon1:05

  • Nha Trang Air Checks Part 115:42
  • Nha Trang Air Checks Part 214:49
  • Nha Trang Air Checks Part 315:20
  • Nha Trang Air Checks Part 415:08
  • Nha Trang Air Checks Part 512:10

  • AFVN Bloopers14:28
  • AFVN Bloopers - 215:52

Songs of Protest, Songs of War

Not a true AFVN Archive, but the soundtrack to a Vietnam Exhibition at the Newseum

Submitted by Jim Anderson.

Air Checks by Steve Sandoz, SP5, USA, Saigon, 1969

Part 1            Part 2           Part 3

Graphics added by Paul Bottoms.

Submitted on April 3, 2015.

Paul Kasper Collection

Paul Kasper, SGT, USA, served on an Armored Personnel Carrier flamethrower crew with the 9th Infantry Division in Vietnam in1968 or so.  He obviously had a very deep interest in music and AFVN because he recorded a number of AFVN programs to audiotape and secured (purchased?) a number of record albums related to AFVN and the people who were on the air with AFVN.  Paul  started the AFVN Web (Yahoo) roster but, later on, when his health began to fail, turned it over to Bob Morecook.  The two of them also worked together to put a great deal of  Paul's AFVN material on line with the Texas Tech University's Vietnam Center and Archive web site.

The above link goes to this site.  It lists a large number of recordings made and/or purchased by Paul.  Those which were originally on tape are sometimes of somewhat dubious quality but still "listenable."  Those which were originally on records are of better quality.  Some can be downloaded, others can't--and some are not available online.  I found that I could play most of them with Windows Media Player or IrfanView, a Windows program which one can download by clicking on the name.   It is a free program (with donations accepted) that I have used it since 2006 and have never had any problems with viruses or other nasty things.

Thanks to Billy Williams, SP4, USA, who was with AFVN in Qui Nhon, Da Nang and Saigon in 1971-72 for bringing my attention to this collection.


American Forces Vietnam Network FM Sign On

AFVN FM signed on daily during the Vietnam War with the National Anthems

of both the United States and of the Republic of South Vietnam.

Cut by Bob Morecook, SP5, USA, most likely in 1973, however it is not his voice.

(The clip appears to repeat itself at approximately 4:00 minutes into the clip.)

The Story of AFVN Radio and TV

by SP5 Scott Manning, USA  1968-69

This 27+ minute radio story of American Forces Vietnam Radio and Television Network (AFVN)

is by newsman Army Specialist Scott Manning (1968-69).

It relates the story of AFVN for military listeners in Vietnam during that war.

The AFVN motto was "From the Delta to the DMZ."

The sound of the car bomb outside AFVN on May 3, 1968 can be heard at 5:10 into this clip.

AFVN Radio News

Authentic Vietnam War Era News Broadcasts

  AFVN "Good Morning, Vietnam" Ringtones

Select from one of six ringtones for your cellphone

AFVN and Australian Broadcaster Airchecks - 1969

However, among other AFVN'ers, SP5 Randy Stone, USA, can be heard towards the end

of the first third of  the second clip. 

Both of the following are in three parts totaling approximately 45 minutes in length. 

AFVN Saigon Radio "Saigon Night Beat"

SP5 Jim Satcher, USA, was assigned to the 509th Radio Research Group at Davis Station near Tan Son Nhut.

He was a volunteer DJ for "Saigon Night Beat" in 1971-72.

This link goes to a site with about 2 1/2 minutes from his show on January 7, 1972.

It also has a number of photos related to his years in the Army.

AFVN FM Sign On &

Sunrise in Saigon Opening
SP5 Gary Brill, USA    May 30, 1970

Old Time Radio Catalog (

If you interested in purchasing a CD containing 148 episodes from AFVN, you might like to go to the above link.

The site also has a great number of old time radio programs. 

KLIK - Radio Lai Khe

KLIK was originally a repeater station of AFVN broadcasts but became the 1st Infantry Division's radio station in Vietnam.

Twelve programs of the series "Duty First" prepared by 1st Forest Brandt, USA and SP4 William Johanson, USA

are available in the section on KLIK.

AFVN Censorship Controversy

There are the first radio newscasts on AFVN reporting on the story of

SP5 Bob Lawrence, USA, charging that news reports on AFVN were being censored.

Furnished by Jim Allingham

AFVN Bloopers

Two parts, total of 30 minutes.

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