Donut Dollies (The)

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Donut Dollies -- Making a Documentary on the 

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Meet the Donut Dollies

Trailer for a movie about the Donut Dollies in Vietnam.

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September 2019

[Found by Jim White.]

Meet Red Cross Donut Dollie Linda Sullivan Schulte

It appears that Linda was not involved with AFVN, but it is another Donut Dolly story

and includes a link to 25+ other Donut Dolly Stories.  

Donut Dollies Made Lasting Impression in Vietnam

Article by Mark Woods, Florida Times-Union, Jacksonville, Florida

November 2017

A Group of Donut Dollies Newly Arrived at Tan Son Nhut

   Posted on Facebook in October 2020.  


This Link Says "No"

The above goes to the Allegany Trib news article titled "From World War II through Vietnam, women served in war zones as 'Dont Dollies'"

Were There Donut Dollies During World War One?

A Closeup of the Women's Memorial

Posted on Facebook by Tom Watson on September 24, 2019

Fast Friends

Donut Dollie Susan Bradshaw McLean talks about her friend, Ginny Kirsch who was killed by a G.I. in Cu Chi.

Received from Jim Anderson

Dolls "Work Out"

Clipping from the 4th  Infantry Division

Women in Vietnam

During America's 10-year involvement in Southeast Asia, 5,905 military women served in Vietnam.


By Individaul Services they were:

U.S. Army  4,675

U.S. Navy   423

U.S. Marine Corps   36

U.S.Air Force  771

Number of women killed   8

Total number of U.S. military personnel who served in Vietnam:  2,709,965

Percentage of women service personnel in Vietnam:  0.218%

Received from Paul Kasper

Donut Dollies - American Red Cross

Ken Leighty was the Compound Command of Special Services Recreation Center #4,
2nd Infantry Division.  He has made a special effort to include the women who
worked in moral and recreation in Korea, especially ARC and Special Services.
This link is included here because of the many connections between the Donut Dollies,
USO and Special Services staff members, and AFVN during the Vietnam War. 

Women in Vietnam

Primarily as Related to AFVN

Donut Dollies and Army Special Services

This Link Says "Yes"

The above link goes in the Smithsonian article titled "World War I: 100 Years Later -- The Women Who Fried Donuts and Dodged Bombs on the Front Lines of WWI"

Hospice, Red Cross salute "Donut Dollies"

Daily Union, Johnson Creek, Wisconsin newspaper article about Emily Strange, Donut Dollie. 

[Received from Paul Kasper in July 2016.] 

When he sent it, Paul wrote that "Emily is a dear friend for many years, she was assigned to the

9th Infantary Division and the Mobile Riverine Fore.  I seem to recall

her and another red cross lady being inveterviewed on AFVN." 

Red Cross Volunteers Going Ashore in Normandy - 1944

A Slide Show of Women in Wartime Vietnam

A long collection of photos of nurses, Donut Dollies and other women who served during the Vietnam War.

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August 2018

The Donut Dollies -- Paloma Productions

   The story of two donut dollies who went back to Vietnam over 45 years late (approx. 90 minutes)

Donut Dollies get Their Due Decades after Vietnam

Los Angeles Daily News Article by Dennis McCarthy

The Story of Women in Vietnam

   Received from David Pinto in November 2019.  

After The Vietnam War, Women Veterans Fight To Preserve Their History

The story of the 853 (some sources say 863) who were were with Women's Army Corp, or the Air Force, Navy or Marines

and who served in Vietnam during the Vietnam War.

July 2019

Nurse at Cu Chi

Elizabeth Allen, a psychiatric nurse who volunteered for the Army and Vietnam

talks about her experiences while at Cu Chi.

Vietnam Women's Memorial Foundation

This site opens with an interesting introduction on how many women served, etc.

Click on "Enter site" at the bottom to go to the actual webpage.

Meeting a Donut Dollie for the First Time

Steven Pennington, Cpl, USMC, 1970-71

I remember the first Donut Dollie I came in contact with. I was at Da Nang, hunkered down in the cockpit of one of our planes, sweating profusely.  I heard a voice behind me and thought it was heat stroke coming on.  When I heard the voice a second time I turned around and looked straight at the most gorgeous green-eyed blond I could imagine.  Then I REALLY thought I was hallucinating. Being the suave, debonair young man I was at the time I blurted out "Who the (expletive) are you?"  She smiled and introduced herself and handed me an ice cold Coke, then turned and walked back to the Chaplains' jeep, turning around again to smile and waved.  I will never forget that moment in time.


Blackhawks Soar with "Dollies"
Clipping from Camp Enari

Holly Watts, Donut Dollie (Video) 

Holly's November 2013 interview at the Vietnam Memorial Wall.

(posted by"Your Stories, You Wall")

Nancy Smoyer, Donut Dollie

American Red Cross. 

There is more about and/or from Nancy Smoyer under

AFVN History

as well as under

Individual Photo Albums and Stories.