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         As of January 1, 2018, this site has over 2,200 HTML pages.  This means that it is sometimes difficult to find specific pages or items.  The purpose of this index is to hopefully provide, both the Webmaster and those who view this site, an easier means of finding things. 

         Please note that the material on  the AFVN Roster, the POWs: The Honored and the Taps: Those Departed pages are not included in this index.   This is because the entries on those pages are already in alphabetical order.  In practice, this means if you want to see if John Doe was a member of AFVN, or information on someone from AFVN who was a prisoner of war or is deceased, you should go directly to those pages (except for the slide shows, PDFs and external links, these links are in the navigation area at the top of every page).  But if you want to see where else John Doe might be mentioned on this site, then look for his name under the "D's" of this index.  Also, some photos on a page may be not included in the index.  I.E., photos of John Doe on his own Photos and Stories page are not in the index.  However, a photo of John on someone else's page will be in the index."  Also, beginning with the 2012 Reunion, the names on the list of attendees are not in the index because they are already in alphabetical order on those pages. 

          As of August 2017, all the slide show photos are numbered.  The numbering system is basically "SA#01" (the initials of the person who submitted the photo plus #xx)  This example that it is the first photo in Steve Ashley's slide show.  If someone has more than one slide show, the numbering system is "LN-Saigon#04" or "LW-Crider#04."  The slide show photos are in the index individually (to repeat, with the exception of John Doe's photos in his own Slide Show).  The indexed photos from the slide shows are indicated with a number.   Another thing to note is that some of the people and places in the slide shows are duplicates (i.e., a photo of the same person or place but taken by different individuals).    

          Note that the links in this index work in two different ways.   (1)  Links to numbered photos in a slide show go to that specific photo within the slide show and it will come up in a separate browser tab.  Closing the tab will return you to the Index.   If the photo has a specific title or theme, that is used as the link.  If not, then the link for these photos is shown as "DE#xx."  2)  Otherwise, the links go to the top of the page the item is on and are in the same tab.  From there, you may have to either scroll down or use CTRL+F (which should pull up your browser's search menu) in order to find what you want.  Using your browser's "back arrow" will return you to the top of the previous index page. 


A last note, as this index is a major project, please bear with the Webmaster 

until it is more complete (most likely it will never be "really finished").

Thank you,  Webmaster          

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    Specialized Indexes: 

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