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This blog site contains a great deal of information about AFRTS world-wide.
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Listen to "AFVN: The GI's Companion" Radio Documentary
This entertaining and informative ten-hour documentary includes actual recordings of AFVN programs 
plus recent interviews with AFVN personnel and those who listened to AFVN while in Vietnam.  It was produced 
in 2015 by Harry Simons & Mike Bates and aired on WEBY Milton, Pensacola, Florida.

Article on "AFVN: The GI's Companion" in Radio World
An article on AFVN and Harry Simons return to Vietnam in 2015 in Radio World for April 15, 2016.
[Submitted by Harry Simons in April 2016.]

Vietnam Vet Radio
Vietnam Vet Radio is an Internet-only radio station dedicated to the men and women
who served in the Vietnam War, their families, and friends. 
Posted with the permission of the Webmaster, Bennie Blount.

The Company of Military Historians
The Company of Military Historians was founded in 1949 as an educational, scientific, 
and literary institution devoted to the study and dissemination of: 
"information on the uniforms, equipment, history, and traditions of members of the Armed Forces 
of the United States worldwide and other nations serving in the Western Hemisphere."

Note: The Company of Military Historians has reciprocated by posting a link to AVNVets.NET at
Connections / CMH LinksPage / 
Korean and VIetnam Wars.  

Former Military Broadcasters Facebook Group
This is an "open group" site that anyone may join.  I don't know who started the group but the top photo has a sign 
in the background saying "War & Navy Departments" which means that it was taken before the division of the War
Department into the Department of the Army and the Department of the Air Force in September 1947.    

​​Hi, AFVN'ers and friends -- 

On January 23rd, 1998 the AFVN group on Yahoo began.  (Now afvn@groups.io)  We have been finding AFVN'ers and friends of AFVN ever since, and have had quite a few reunions that have resulted from these new and renewed friendships. 

It all started among an unholy trimvarate -- Jack Leigh (JO1, USN, 71-72), Terry Oliver, JO2, USN, 71-72), and Bob Morecook (SP5, USA, 72-73).   And from there, of course, it has gone downhill [uphill if you prefer]. 
Welcome home guys and ladies and to all of our friends who served overseas. 
Thanks to all of you who supported us stateside and elsewhere as well.

Best Wishes, Bob Morecook, January 24, 2013

Additions, corrections, suggestions and comments are all welcome. 

>>>>>  In particular, please report any broken links.  <<<<<

AFN - 1942 to 2017

POWs - The Honored

The stories of those who were captured when Detachment 5, Hue, was overrun during TET '68. 

AFVN Organization

Facts, stories and photos from the Main Station in Saigon

as well as from each of the Detachments. 

AFVN History

Much of the old Geocities website prepared by Paul Kasper

and Bob Morecook is in this section

AFVN Group Conversations

Email "conversations" on a wide number of topics,

some related to AFVN and Vietnam and some not. 

Video Archives

See AFVN, including some of the detachments, as it was then

as well as scenes of Saigon 

Project Jenny

Project Jenny broadcast radio and TV from the air. 

Women in Vietnam

Primarly as Related to AFVN 

Related to Saigon

Information, stories, etc., that are not related to AFVN

but are a part of the history of the city of Saigon. 

Further Afield

A variety of information, stories, etc., about AFRTS, etc.,

in other parts of the world.


Go here to search for specific people, places and events.

Preface and Credits

The stories of those who were captured when Detachment 5, Hue, was overrun during TET '68. 

AFVN Roster

Look for friends and acquaintances from when you were with AFVN as well as make new ones. 

Taps - Those Departed

Click here to see more about those who have already gone.  Unfortunately, this list most likely is not as complete

as it should be. 

AFVN Reunions

Information on upcoming AFVN Reunions as well as stories

and photos from past ones. 

AFVN Photos and Stories

Photos and stories from former AFVN members and

others related to their time in Vietnam. 

Audio Archives

Listen to AFVN as it was then. 

AFVN Guest Book

Any feedback received from both those within the AFVN

Group as well as from visitors will be posted here. 

KLIK - 1st Infantry Division

KLIK was the radio station with the 1st Infantry Division

which regularly cooperated with AFVN. 

Related to AFVN

A variety of information, stories, etc, related to AFVN. 

Related to Vietnam

Information, stories, etc., that are not related to AFVN

but are a part of the history of the Vietnam War.

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The location, however, is unchanged.  As you face the Ho Chi Minh City TV Station, the AFVN compound was (and is) immediately to the left.

Since May 1975, AFVN's address has been:

 Section 1, #9 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai

Ho Chi Minh City, Socialist Republic of Vietnam

During the Vietnam War, AFVN's address was:

Section 1, #9 Hong Thap Tu

Saigon, Republic of South Vietnam

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