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TDY Orders

-- How many of us were sent to one of the Detachments. --

Main (Key) Station, Saigon

Detachment 1, Qui Nhon

Detachment 2, Da Nang

Detachment 3, Pleiku

Detachament 4, Nha Trang / Hon Tre

Detachment 5, Hue

Detachment 5, Quang Tri

Detachment 6, Tuy Hoa

Detachment 7, Chu Lai

Cat Lo / Vung Tau

(Unofficially known as "Detachment 8)

AFVN's Place in the Overall DOD Structure

Note:This is part of another document which may already be on this website,

but it is also perhaps interesting enough to also belong here.

Map of AFVN Facilities as of August 1970

Republic of Vietnam - 1962-1973




Main (Key) Saigon Station and Detachments