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Vietnam Project Jenny Airborne PSYOPS Radio Station & TV

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To the Amazing Blue Eagle Crews and the History They Made

In October 1965, a US Navy aircraft equipped as an airborne broadcast station performed an airborne radio relay broadcast of the World Series over South Vietnam becoming the world's first operational airborne broadcast station.  In February of 1966, television arrived on the scene in South Vietnam and another new page went into the broadcasting history book.  TV shows were broadcast on Channel 11 for AFVN (the American Forces Vietnam Network), and on Channel 9 for THVN TV (the official station of the Republic of Vietnam).  TV was broadcast from U.S. Navy NC-121J (Super Constellation) aircraft.  These aircraft were known as Blue Eagles and operated as Project Jenny.  The aircraft were assigned to the U.S. Navy aviation squadron VXN-8 (originally OASU) home based at the Naval Air Test Center, Patuxent River, Md.  Two Blue Eagle aircraft were based at Tan Son Nhut AB in Saigon to provide TV broadcast services for AFVN and THVN.  A third aircraft was based at Da Nang AB to provide airborne PSYOPS radio broadcast services for MACV-SOG.  This section page is dedicated to the guys who designed, built and flew those Blue Eagle aircraft from 1965 to 1970 and to Captain George Dixon USN (deceased), the founding father of Project Jenny.

Table of Contents

      1.       History of Project Jenny
       2.       Aircraft and Broadcast Equipment Technical Information     

       3.       Blue Eagle Crew List     

       4.       Medals/Ribbons Earned by Personnel Assigned to Project Jenny     

       5.       Squadron, Detachment & Project Nose Art & Patches
       6.       Patches of Project Jenny Supporting Commands

       7.       Project Jenny Photo Album

               7-1.      Blue Eagle Aircraft Photos
               7-2.      Blue Eagle Aircraft Interior Photos
               7-3.      Saigon and Da Nang Detachment Photos
               7-4.      Crew Photos

              7-5.      NATC Patuxent River, Maryland Photos
      8.       Project Jenny - Documents and Clippings

               8-1.       Project Jenny - The Navy's Blue Eagle Television Network
   by LCDR C. R. Smith, USN and LTJG R. A. Rollins, USN

               8-2.       OASU Flying 'Mercy Missions' In Vietnam 

                                     This article, from the Pax River "TESTER" dated November 5th, 1965, is about Blue Eagle I

                                      deploying to Vietnam to do relay broadcast of the World Series. The mercy mission, of

               8-3.       Blue Eagle News Photos from Andrews AFB

                                      Newspaper clipping, probably from the "Pax River TESTER" showing Blue Eagle I and an

                                      inside photo of one of the TV birds during construction at Andrews during the Oct/Nov

                                      1965 time frame.

               8-4.       Patuxent Planes Carry TV to Troops in Vietnam

                                      Newspaper clipping from late (probably December) 1965 about the Blue Eagle I being

                                      deployed to Vietnam to Broadcast the World Series.

               8-5.       Armed Forces Radio-Television Vietnam Schedule

                                      Probably printed in one of the Vietnamese newspapers.
               8-6.       "Oceanographic Air Survey Unit Times, " Vol. 1, Issue 2" Television Comes to Vietnam

                                      Article from the OASU Times dated March 1, 1966 talking about the establishment

                                      of TV broadcasting in South Vietnam and a quote by Rep. Charles Chamberlain R-Mich

                                      discussing the value of providing TV broadcasts to the South Vietnamese.
               8-7.       OASU Moves Operations into the Delta Region and Orphanage Assistance

                                      A two-page article from the "Pax River TESTER" dated January 9, 1967 talking about moving

                                      broadcast operations into the delta region of South Vietnam in October 66. Article includes

                                      great shot of Chiefs Naylor and Smithers at the TV control console, additional information

                                      included about OASU wives helping Vietnam War orphans.
               8-8.       "The Fantastic Flight of the Blue Eagle "
                                      From Electronics Illustrated for May 1966.  This article published in "Electronics Illustrated,"

                                      May 1966 is discusses individuals in the short wave listener community picking up Voice of

                                      the Blue Eagle test broadcasts that were performed in 1965 flying Blue Eagle I out of Andrews

                                      AFB. Despite the negative government tone, the article provides some interesting reading.

               8-9.        From OASU Detachment WESTPAC

                                      An article from the "OASU Time" dated May 1, 1967 discussing the goings on in the life of the

                                     WESTPAC crew.
              8-10.       "Television on the Wing"

                                     A four-page article published in "TV Guide, February 1, 1967" contains great photos and


              8-11.         "TV Station in the Sky Beams Shows to Saigon 'Magic Boxes'"  Clipping from the Stars & Stripes


      9.  How the Navy Brought Bonanza to South Vietnam  by Rick Fredericksen.  Published in Vietnam Magazine,

                     October 2015.  This link presently goes to Rick's Blog version of the story.  Later on, when it becomes

                     available, the link will be changed to the full version with photographs, etc.

    10.  Short Video on Project Jenny   Explains what Project Jenny was all about.  Received from Bob Morecook.

    11.  Are We Coming in Clear?  The story of Project Jenny written by Rick Fredericksen.  From Vietnam magazine (October 2015).  Posted courtesy of the publisher.

    12.   This is Your Unit   Most of us know that the planes used in Project Jenny cam from the Oceanographic Air Survey Unit.  This two-page PDF explains the other missions of that unit.

Photo courtesy of PHCS Mahlon Miller, USN - Fleet Imaging Command Pacific

Project Jenny

Patuxent River, Maryland & Vietnam  (1960-1970)