If you are an AFVN veteran but not on the AFVN Roster, please include your full name, rank upon departure, branch of service, job, location and years with AFVN in order that this information may be added to the list.

If you were never assigned to AFVN but have an interest in it, please consider joining the AFVN Yahoo Group.   To do this, contact Bob Morecook via the Webmaster.

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MSG Jim White, USA or

SP4 Jerry Nelson

AFVN, Admin Office

APO 96309, San Francisco, CA


#9 Hong Thap Tu


Republic of South Vietnam

Webmaster@AFVNVets.net or

Tel:  620-708-4191 (U.S. Skype-In)



Tel: 765-453-3996

With apologies, but please realize that, except for the last five lines, the above is somewhat outdated.   Also, the Webmaster lives in Japan and therefore is roughly 12 to 16 time zones ahead of you.  For this reason, it is best to  call during the early evening your time.  Please be sure to leave a message because calls without messages and from unknown phone numbers tend to be ignored. 

Webmaster2 lives in Indiana.

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