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AFVN Reunion

April 27 & 28, 2002 -- Indianapolis, Indiana

Video of Some of the Events During the Reunion

This was taken from the GeoCities page which showed that it was a 30-minute video, however this version is only about 15 minutes long.  Also, the quality is so poor that it must be about a 10th generation videotape to videotape copy. 

If anyone has a better copy, please let theWebmaster know.


Our Reunion Advance Press Release got us press with WIBC radio news and the Indianapolis Star newspaper. 

Our Reunion HQ was the Sheraton Four Points Hotel near Fort Benjamin Harrison IN. 

  • The reunion included a reception Friday evening at 5 pm in the Sheraton Four Points Hotel meeting room, a barbecue at Manny Harper's on Saturday afternoon, and a ceremony, light supper, and dancing to a deejay at the hotel Saturday evening.

  • On Saturday at 1 PM we gathered for a wonderful barbecue "in the rain" at the home of Manny and Chubby Harper.  We mostly stayed inside [of course] but there was plenty of room to move around Manny's house.  Manny was the last NCOIC of the network and last newsroom chief as well.
  • Saturday 7:45 pm we gathered for an 8:30 pm ceremony at the Sheraton ball room--honoring those AFVN'ers who were not present--but who were especially remembered and honored in their absence--our KIA, our POW's, and our dead after Vietnam. The names of all were read by three of the last AFVN newsmen. Bob Nelson solemnly chimed a ceremonial bell after each name --to invoke their presence among us.
  • A light supper was served buffet style at the Sheraton's Hotel in the ball room the evening of Saturday, Apr 27 starting at about 8:45 p.m. and lasting until the last guest was exhausted.  Our deejay AFVN'er John Cheeley played great music interspersed with AFVN jingles and PSA's for our dancing efforts.
  • On Sunday morning many people gathered for breakfast together in the hotel restaurant -- and one last opportunity to renew and cherish old bonds.