• AP Report on Censorship4:00

  • ABC Reporting on Censorship2:29

  • 5 AM News (Censorship)2:40

  • 3 AM News (Censorship)2:36

This cut. again by Jim Allingham, was on ABC Reporting on the censorship accusation. 

This cut is ABC Radio News, with an AP Report of an interview with Lawrence.  It came down on the AFRTS radio feed.  Again, there was much debate about whether Jim should run the cut and much debate afterwards about its newsworthiness.

This cut is the 3 a.m. newscast of Sunday, January 4th, 1970 (although Lawrence made the charge in his Saturday night, January 3rd, TV newscast).  It was the first public acknowledgement by the American military that the event did, indeed, take place.  Jim's placement of it as the lead story caused much heartburn from MACIO and others at MACV who viewed it as a "non-event" and "not newsworthy."

This cut was a newscast that Jim did shortly after 5a.m. during halftime of an NFL playoff game; again, he led with it and, again, caught flak for doing so.  Jim caught further flak when he

"re-capped" the story before switching back to AFRTS and the second half of the football game.

AFVN Censorship Controversy

There are the first radio newscasts on AFVN reporting on the story of

SP5 Bob Lawrence, USA, charging that news reports on AFVN were being censored.

All clips furnished by Jim Allingham