Special Orders

Do you want your own or a friend's voice as a ringtone?

If you want a personal ring tone made from any of the AFVN Audio or Video Archive sound tracks, please write the

Webmaster and designate which archive, what part and approximately how long a ringtone you want.

Give as much detail as possible.

Since this is a free service, both satisfaction and disappointment, within the limits of copyright concerns, are guaranteed.

AFVN "Good Morning Vietnam" Ringtones

The following "Good Morning Vietnam" ringtones are available.

Please write the  Webmaster to order any or all of the following by number.

The default format is MP3, but feel free to specify another format if so desired.

You will receive your order as an email attachment. 

Simply copy it to your desktop (or other location) on your computer and then install it on your cellphone.

Please note:  These files can not be downloaded from this site.

  • 6 Good Morning, Vietnam0:21

  • 5 Good Morning, Vietnam0:58

  • 4 Good Morning, Vietnam0:25

  • 3 Good Morning, Vietnam0:05

  • 2 - Good Morning, Vietnam0:38

  • 1 Good Morning, Vietnam 0:09