• AFVN News July 3, 1971 14:52

Radio News

July 3, 1971

Sky-Jacking and Death of the Russian Astronauts

with MSgt, Jean LeRoy, USAF

  • AFVN Australian News5:39

  • AFVN News March 22, 1973 5:27

Radio News

February 1973  1700 Hours


with SP4 Tom Fowlston, USA

Radio News

February 1973  1700 Hours

VC and NV Name POWs to be Released

with SP4 Tom Fowlston, USA

Radio News

January 1973 1700 Hours

Senetor Stennis Shot in DC

with SP5 Jerry Elliot, USA

Radio News

January 1973  1800 Hours

POW Release Approaches

with A1c Linda J. Liston, USAF

Radio News - Thursday

March 27, 1969  0700 Hours

Mideast Peace is Tenuous, Eisenhower is Weakening

with CPL Rick Fredericksen, USMC

Radio News -  a Sunday in 1968

1000 Hours

California Mud Slides and Paris Peace Talks

with SP4 Gary Gears, USA

AFVN Radio News with James "Dan" Zeigler 1000 Hours - 4:20 min. 

American Warplanes Engaged in Record Actions

Sgt, USMC, Pleiku, 1966 or Saigon, 1968?

[This newscast is marked on Youtube as being from 1968 and the audio itself indicates that it is from Saigon.

However, Sgt Zeigler, USMC is listed on the AFVN Roster as having been in Pleiku in 1966.  The Webmaster

tried to resolve this discrepancy in September 2013 but was been unable to do so.  It was suggested that

there might have been a second "SGT Zeigler, USA" but there is no indication of a second one on the

AFVN Roster.  Can anyone help?]

Outline of AFVN News - 1969

with SGT Jim Kaiser,

SFC Robert E. "Bob" MacArthur, USA,

LT George C. Lawrence, USA, and

SSG David L. Kramer, USA

AFVN Radio News

Authentic Vietnam War Era News Broadcasts

[NOTE:  This list is much as it was on the original Geocities Web Site but, as of August 14, 2013,

only a few of the below titles are actually linked to any AFVN News programs.

Hopefully, listing all of them here will encourage others to send those that still exist to the Webmaster.]

AFVN Radio Newscast, September 28,1970

Troy Pennington

[Received from Mike McNally on May 5, 2016.]

  • AFVN News February 1973 - 17005:20

  • AFVN News January 1973 5:26

AFVN Australia Radio News

November 27, 1966 (?)

Papel Visit to Australia

with Sgt Mike Frazer, USMC

Radio News

March 22, 1973  1800 Hours

U.S. Wants POWs Released from Laos

with SP5 Bob Morecook, USA

Radio News - Wednesday

December 31, 1969  2200 Hours

Nixon Visits Western White House

with SP5 Bob Lawrence, USA​

  • Sports - February 19734:08

Radio Sports News

February 1973

with Cpl Gary E.Elliot, USMC

  • AFVN News February 19735:36

Radio News

March 22, 1973  1900 Hours

U.S. Withdrawal Tied to Laos POW Releases

with SP5 Bob Morecook, USA

Radio News

March 22, 1973  1800 Hours

Released POWs en route to USA

with SP4 Tom Fowlston, USA

  • AFVN News - March 22, 19735:42

  • AFVN News SP4 Tom Fowlston Jan 735:26

  • AFVN News January 19735:03

  • AFVN News - December 31, 1969 5:08

  • Radio News, March 27, 19694:35

  • Radio News Sunday 19685:07

  • Outline of AFVN News13:12