The Ky Son Annex BEQ in 2015. 

I think that my room is the one flying the Red flag but I don't remember hanging it there.  

[Found on Google Maps by Jim White.]

The Plaza Hotel BEQ in 2014. 

[Found on Google Maps by Mike McNally.]

AFVN Group Conversations

The Walling BEQ in an undated photo.

[Received from James Brigham.]

The Walling BEQ in 2010 or so. 

Posted on Facebook by Brian Wickham and brought to the Webmaster's attention by Bob Morecook.

AFVN Billets (Ky Son Annex BEQ, Etc.) - Page 2

October 2015

Saigon BOQs and BEQs

[Received from Mike McNally in September 2013.] 
These scans are from Ray Bows' book, "Vietnam Military Lore."  Please note that some of the street names

have changed over the years as well as some of the addresses in this list appear to be in error.

Even so, they might jar a memory or two and/or help you find where you lived when in Saigon.