From:  Rick Fredericksen

Remember the tragic ending of the stars?  Morrow decapitated by a helicopter while filming a Vietnam movie scene and Jason takes his life after a Combat show reunion.  I still catch the show from time to time on the ME channel.

From:  John Noonan

I think that AFVN-TV had a larger Vietnamese audience than the Vietnamese station.

From:  Toney Brooks "

Laugh In" came in second, as I recall.

From:  Randall Moody

We polled our TV viewers in 1969 and I believe Combat was voted the most favorite TV show.

From:  Paul Bottoms

I thought it was a hoot then that we were watching "Combat" in Vietnam.

From:  Jim White

There are four photos from Hue under Photos & Stories / Don Gouin as well as some photos and a number of documents and some photos taken shortly after TET under Photos & Stories / Ron Turner.

From:  Rick Fredericksen

Love "Combat."

From:  Doug Jennings

Some of the biggest fans of "Combat" lived here, on the DMZ.

This Quang Tri pormo, posted on Facebook and on this site drew a number of responses.

"Combat," the TV Program and the AFVN Audience

November/December 2013

AFVN Group Conversations

From:  Toney Brooks

True story: A kid came up to me on the street once in Saigon and pulled on my shirt.  I suppose he recognized me from TV.  He said, "Combat starring Vic Morrow and Rick Jason." It was the only English he knew.

From:  Tim Abney

I seldom got to see it.  I was on the 6-9 PM slot for a long time.

From:  Rick Fredericksen

This Quang Tri artwork would be a nice framed picture for a home office or bar.  It is great cultural American art with a terrific story behind it!  But honestly, I'm still hoping to see something from Hue, due to its tragic history.