Jim Maciolek served at Lai Khe with the First Division in 1966.  When we heard Hannah mention our unit we would give a toast to her and throw our beer cans at the radio.  If she knew where we were, so did everybody else.  But Armed Forces Radio was on constantly, too.  It was run by the U.S. military so we heard what they wanted us to hear.  I think I would have liked to hear about opposition to the war that was being staged back home.  That way I would have been better prepared when I got back home-seeing hippies, people chanting slogans, people with black arm bands-that was all new to me.

         Hanoi Hannah could always be assured of at least the POW captive audience authorized to hear her broadcasts in the Hanoi Hilton.  A speaker wired into every room made Hannah's commentaries impossible to ignore, although some tried.

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Comments by Jim Maciolek