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                                          Chapter I               Introduction

                                          Chapter II             The American Forces Radio and Television Service

                                          Chapter III             American Forces Radio and Television in Vietnam

                                          Chapter IV            The American Forces Vietnam Network

                                          Chapter V             Censorship and the American Forces Vietnam Network

                                          Chapter VI            Summary and Conclusions



Letter, dated 3 July 1972, from Colonel William V. Koch, USA (Ret'd)

regarding censorship at AFVN

Note:  This paper begins on July 6, 1962, when Radio Hanoi first started broadcasting in English to the American military in South Vietnam and continues through until January 1972.  It would be nice if this history could somehow be continued through the closing of the network in March 1973.  Therefore, anyone who was stationed with AFVN or who has any  information about those last 15 months is strongly urged to submit whatever they have (text or photos) to the Webmaster.

Lee again, outside and a

little more formal.

A History of the American Forces

Vietnam Network, 1962-1972

By Lee W. Hauser

Lee when he was working

at Station WGOR (WDDR).

LT(JG) Lee Hauser, USN

with COMNAVFOR in 1972.