Hi Bob,  Just visited the web site and it's fantastic!  What memories it brings back.  I was at AFVN from July 1969 through September 1970.  I have so many stories I would love to share about the Bob lawrence deal and what happened in Saigon afterwards.  It went crazy!  Life for all of us changed in a matter of a week.  Paul Bottoms was on that night from midnight till 6 on "The Orient Express."  I'll be happy to explain and give you details.  The "Systems Cue" with the Pams jingles and beds,  Paul and I put together using one AFVN jingle cut and using the veri-pitch on the new Scully 280's were able to match the sound.  I brought a ton of Pams jingles to Vietnam with me from the station I worked for in the states and we stole stuff like crazy!  Also we stole and edited a lot of the Coke Jingles for R and R spots.  The entire Music power and Power of Love series Paul and I edited down for the network.  The Music bed for the "Systems Cue" was from the Power of Love series.  The Brass had no idea.  We were good at sneaking stuff past them.  Had to!  The spot about "Malaria Pills" I wrote and produced (says Roger Ashcraft on the web site) but that's me.  If you thing about it, that spot was just part of what we tried to get away with on the air to keep the brass scratching their heads.  What do malaria pills got to do with passion and sex!  Nothing!

         Capt. Rowdy Williams and I became good friends after all was settled down, there was also a Master Sergeant Paul Van Dyke who was also a good friend.  Many stories to tell about Paul, Pat S.,  Steve Rutt, Tommy Jimmy (Tom Watson), Herb Neilon [Kneeland?], Tony Lions [Lyons], Bob Lawrence, Gary Brill, Bob Coats [Coates], and many more.  Let me know if you're interested.  Thanks

-- 4-26--

Roger Ashworth, SGT, USA (1969-1970) - 1

(Host of "Dawnbuster" from January to September 1970)