Someone asked about PSAs and jingles the other day and I was too busy at the time to jump in.  Does anyone recall a malaria pill taking PSA from the TV side that featured the whistle of incoming artillary?  It would have played in Jan - March of 69.  At the time we were getting hit at Lai Khe with 120s and small mortars.  If you weren't paying attention, i.e. screwing around in the photo lab or dubbing someone else's copy of Electric Ladyland, while others were watching TV you swore it was incoming.  One time someone left the TV set in the office unattended and we ended up with 15 guys sitting in a bunker waiting for the bang and the all clear.  That same night I got on the phone...working, working, Tiger, working, Tiger...and informed someone at the other end that the spot wasn't that funny if you weren't sitting in the station.  This is also about the time the radio folks put together a bunch of ads for Nhouc Mong after shave, Papa-san Builders and the 69 Water Buffalo. I think Gears was the voice behind them... they were good, but certainly not PC.  I seem to recall that they didn't last long before the folks at JUSPAO or State Department yanked them.  Forrest

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Forrest Brandt, 1LT, USA (1968-1969) - 1