Ya got it, Jose! I remember it now.  Thanks!  Memory needs jogging every now and again.  We also had Scott Manning was also a production whiz!  I spent two years at the key station and there was some talent that came through those doors.

          Anybody know the whereabouts of Jim Beard?  And how about Herb Manchester?  Which reminds me... Got a great Herb Manchester story.  Remember when he used to cover the follies?  I don't remember the operation but it was the first landing in the Mekong since the French left.  Herb wrote the story BEFORE they landed but did not slug it HFR (Hold For Release) 0900.  So, on the 6:00 AM news, I said "This morning the Marines landed in the Mekong Delta...." and went on to say that the grunts had established a beach head etc, etc.  Lordy!  Talk about the fit hitting the fan!  What ticked off the General, you see, was the Marines were still in the boats waiting to storm ashore!  They actually got me out of the booth before I could get to the break and Nick finished the newscast!  General Sidle came down personally!  Fortunately for me, I kept the copy and I was able to prove that I had just read what was on the peg and it was NOT marked HFR.  Took the rest of the year to remove the skid marks from my skivvies.  Herb... well, he had hell to pay, as I recall.  I'm sure someone else remembers that particularly unpleasant episode when I single handedly turned the Marines from the Mekong Delta.  Bet Dick Ellis remembers that.  He used to rib me about it when we were at the Pentagon.  Dickie was a civilian then.  But then Dickie was always a civilian!

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Joe Ciokon, JOCM, USN (Ret'd)  (1968) - 1