Ah, the web we weave... Cal, didn't we also serve together at DINFOS?  I did AIS #2 in 1970 sometime when I was a JO1 (E-6) shortly after 'Nam.   It was the first formal training I had as a Navy Journalist.  I "OJT'd" all the way up to E-7.  The only "A" school I had under my belt was Aerial Photographer Basic Rate Training at NAS Glenview, IL, in 1957!

         We became known as "The Harrison 18", which included Marine Sgt Ron Keene, who is now the civilian editor of LEATHERNECK magazine.  I still have the class roster buried in boxes in the garage.  It was only the second class for senior enlisted journalists (Advanced Information School) and we were pretty much given a blank check to critique and revise the course.  We certainly took the leadership to task, much to their chagrin.

         Later, in April 1977, I was assigned as an instructor in Radio-TV and left as JOCS (E7) Television Team Chief with such great guys as MSGT Don Johnson, USAF, JOC Dick Noble, USN, and SSGT Ted Stites, USA.  JOCM Perry Brandt and JO1 Dick Elliott ran the Navy's SITE Class.

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Joe Ciokon, JOCM, USN (Ret'd)  (1968) - 3