I realize it's rare I touch base with all of you on this site, but I DO read most of the chit-chat.  This one drew special interest in that I always considered Dan a good friend.  When it was determined  - rightfully so  - that I was nowhere near the broadcaster I thought I was on arrival at Network HQs in May 67, Dan was one of the first to work daily with me.  There, of course, were many others who worked so diligently to ensure I eventually got "on air."

        Dan left in '69, I believe, and retired.  I'm aware of that as he came back once as a civilian, contacted Nick and I, and we visited at his "quarters."  Honestly do not remember who he was then working for.  That was the last I saw/heard from him.

         Dave, I was working in production the time Dan did, in fact, let the saliva fall from his lips to the floor -- without speaking  -- when queried about air play.

         You're right on Nick.  I was there for five years, the last four with the Network.  I am getting slightly senile, Joe.  I thought Nick did two with 1st Cav and three at the Network.

-- 4-20--

Preston Cluff, SSGT, USA (1967-1971) - 1