Went to work for George when I was "kicked out" of 'Nam in June of '71.  Stayed there until June of '76.  Nick and I spend three more years together there until he moved on to Germany.  George, Dal Burnette and Ken Allan-along with many others-moved on to Los Angeles when radio "merged" with television.  George divorced while there and has been retired for several years, as has Dal.  Ken now fills George's position.  I have his e-mail and we touch base off and on.

         Went back to D.C. for a class in 1994.  Hooked up with Ernie Gambel, a former engineer with whom I've always stayed in touch.  He found Ralph Daniels, Jack Pulwers and Ralph Bartlett.  We all spent an evening at the Crystal City "Restaurant."  I'm looking at a picture right now with one of the "waitresses" sprawled across my lap!  Needless to say, I stay in touch with all these individuals, at least via Christmas card.

-- 4-22--

Preston Cluff, SSGT, USA (1967-1971) - 2