What happened to the Hue Van till October 1969?  That was MY van.  Lt. Wilson and Gunny Shelton brought it up from Hue/Phu Bai.  Actually, it belonged to Pete Pheiffer and me.  We were the Technical Directors.  We patched all of the bullet holes except the one next to the camera in the announcer's  booth.   It was channel 11.  The Chu Lai van was channel 13.  Our first broadcast in Quang Tri was in December 1968 and was "The Nevadan" with Randolph  Scott and Forrest Tucker.  I bet that's not in the histories.

         Thomas "I don't care who ordered it..  I won't paint the damn van white!" 

         DeanerWill add my comments to recent remarks about television at Chu Lai.  I was assigned to the Americal Division in 1968 and was under the impression I would be working at the television station at Chu Lai.  When I arrived, I  was told the original transmitter was on the same channel (12) as Da Nang and therefore would block the signal between the two locations.  As a result I worked in the Information Office until February 1969 when a new transmitter (Ch 13) arrived and I was assigned to the original crew to put the station on the air.  Detachment 7 was on the air March 1969 and I was the program director.

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Thomas Deaner, SP5, USA Quang Tri (1969-1970)