-- 4-25--

Dick Ellis, SP5, USA (1967-1968) - 1

         If I remember her name was Patty Krouse [sic. Krause].  She was the Director or Assistant Director of the USO in Saigon.  She was a Navy wife from California and her husband had been shot down over North Vietnam.  She came to Saigon to run the USO and was invited to do a radio show.  Somewhere I have a tape of her on the air when the car bomb went off in 1968.  Bob Morecook has a photo I sent him of Patty and her assistant standing at the shattered front door of the station right after.

         Ken's description of what she did didn't sound like the Red Cross (but who knows for sure since we did lots of "duties-as-assigned" (or chosen) like my DJ'ing.  It makes more sense to me that it would be a USO person as Dick remembers.  Nancy [Smoyer, in an unattributed message?]