Pat had Dawn Buster and ran the first two Roger Carroll disks.  I took over at 0900 in the middle of Roger's show and kicked off "Mod Morning" at 10.  Some of the up-country stations broke away at 11 for local shows, but I voiced "Mod Morning" up to Noon.

         In the first hour of my shift, Pattie did her homey little Red Cross bit, and in the second hour Sergeants John Hounslow, Dick Crothers and Bernie Clancy (all members of the "Cholon Down-Under AAF All Stars") ran a combination Aussie-Kiwi hometown newscast.  John Hounslow is still a member of this list.  He was the tall, ugly one that liked American nurses.  We ran the noon news, then I had an hour of Chris Noel until 1300.  I did some production work and did a lot of weapons restoration in my off-air time.  I think John Bednauer (?) took over from me and ran the board until 1700 or 1800 when Gary Gears took over and did "GO!" in the evening hours.

         The last I heard, Clem Shamus just wanted to finish his work with the Army and go off to be a Nashville/Memphis studio musician until he'd stashed enough to get his own little C&W bar.  Has anyone ever checked to see if he's listed with ASCAP as a writer?  I know he had some tunes tucked away.

-- 4-23--

Ken Kalish, GMG3, USN (1968-1969)