Sure did. DINFOS was the only assignment I ever had in 20 years that I didn't enjoy.  Not because of the work... that was fun. I sort of had a personality conflict with the administrators, as you may recall.  The saving grace was being able to work with some truly gifted folks... the ones you noted above.  Fortunately, I was able to wrangle an assignment back to AFRTS-W and didn't complete the tour at Ben Harrison.  Years later one of the admin guys got his rocks off by harassing my boss at AFRTS-W about me not wearing a uniform on TV.  Fortunately AFIS got that solved.  We weren't supposed to wear the damned things. Anyway....


         You know Dale Dye, besides being a well know movie star ("Band of Brothers" among others) was the editor of "Soldier of Fortune."  Another AFRTS-W alum.  Some advice about storing things in boxes, Joe.  I'm having to scrounge those things I lost.  I stored all my stuff-reels and reels of audio and video tape, and slides-nearly a thousand. Then there was this flood and the place I rented was under water for a week or more.  By the time the water receded, that fine red Louisiana sand was in everything . Emulsion on the slides was all but gone, scripts bound in masses of galumph and so on.  It was all destroyed.

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Cal LaMartiniere, TSgt, USAF (1966-1968) - 1