Cal LaMartinere added this: "I'm glad you wrote down those memories down, Dickie.  I could add a few, if you'd like me to- like the time they finally opened the coastal railway and you rode on the flat car in front of the engine and when you came back Walt told you that the car was being pushed  front of the engine to trigger mines.  But you were right--the camera had an unobstructed view!  And then there was the time you were the personal guest of President Thieu at his country estate, and oh yes, about that time you went down to the Mekong Delta allegedly to cover the Air Force at Bin Thuy for me--and you stayed and stayed and stayed .  Let me see, I guess that's enough for now except for the military movements we made on the Circle Sportiff.  Hell of a thing my expired Washington DC Press Pass would get us, huh?  Full press membership.  The Circle Sportiff was arguably the finest eatery in Saigon-if a bit pricy.  Oh, weren't you one of the frequent guests who climbed the broadcast tower on Haung Thap Tu and partied on the observation deck with the guards?  I'm sure I remember you there.  You and our favorite engineer for sure.  Remember how he took all of the FM RF out of the studios?  We thought he walked on water. And for the life of me, Dick-I do believe we put you in for the PH.  Maybe you ought to check on that.

-- 4-27--

Cal LaMartiniere, TSgt, USAF (1966-1968) - 10