David O'Connor, I sure do remember you!  Talented young man.  Yes indeed, I do remember you.  I knew DD from the Brinks days also and Herb Manchester....remember Herbie?  Dan never turned his infamous ire on me but I saw him unleash his fury on others...well I take that back.. It was on Panorama.  I was doing the news my first week in-country.  He introduced the news and I waited for him to point his finger at me.  Finally, he realized I was waiting for a cue and gave me the bird.  After I left air, he insisted I should be bright enough when to start without being told.  And Berk.  I liked him.  He was a quiet sort of man who minded his own business and kept us on the air.  There was a quiet dignity about Berk.  I never particularly liked the Panorama format which we trundled over from the Brinks and when Commander Wentz told us to redo the programming, I dumped it.

-- 4-11--

Cal LaMartiniere, TSgt, USAF (1966-1968) - 4