Kept in [touch with] Tom DeCastro for a long time then he went below the radar.  I keep in touch with Kirk Logie (Kirk's son, Jr...not Logie Sr.) but I lost touch with Gerry Clark, Dick Simpson, Hoyt Wertz and the rest.  I heard Fred Fulwood, Eli Sharf and C.G. Wells passed [sic.].  Whatever brought on that merger between Radio and TV in LA?  Seems they went full circle.  We came from LA, went to New York, then landed in the Pomponio in D.C..  I remember Ernie.  Black engineer.  Nice guy.  Ralph, DeCastro, Dick Simpson, Greg Hoadly, and I were on the overnight early on.  Lord. It's a wonder I didn't become an alcoholic!  And finally, did Jack Pulwers ever get his PhD?  He was in the "final phase" for ten years.

-- 4-21--

Cal LaMartiniere, TSgt, USAF (1966-1968) - 8