Check it out...I was delighted to find this website.  My name is West G. Miller, MSgt. USMC retired.  I served with AFVN from December 1966 to January 1968.  (Just missed TET.)  First at Pleiku as NCOIC and sportscaster.  The OIC was Army Captain Mike Luckey.  One of the finest officers I have known during my 30 year career.  Later I served as Sports Director and broadcaster for radio & TV at channel 8 Saigon.  Prior to that tour I served from 1961 to 64 at FEN Tokyo.  And prior to retiring from the Corps I served at AFTRS Okinawa from 1969 to 1972.  My photo is on your website as a sportscaster AFVN Pleiku Channel 11.  Check it out...The old Marine. (I was 46 at the time) sitting behind the desk with the glasses in a studio we built from scratch.  Semper fi

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West G. Miller, MSgt, USMC (1966-1968)