Gents:  This seems like a good time for me to tell the story of my trying to interest Clem Shamus and Cal LaMartiniere in a program leading to a commission.  I saw officer-like qualities in both (suave, sophisticated, good looking--except Cal usually needed a haircut trim and a touch of polish on the shoes).  I called Clem into my office and told him if he applied for an officer program I would write letters of recom-mendation that would blow the socks of the selection board.  He listened carefully and then, with typical Shamus charm, thanked me but said he just wanted to finish 20, return to civilian life and write C&W songs.  Next, I made the same pitch to Cal.  He pondered my offer, obviously thinking about what he did at the station (creating, producing, splicing, leading, etc.) and what I did (shuffle paper).  Then, with usual LaMartiniere directness, he responded, "No thanks. If I had your job I would go nuts."

         The Plaza was on Tran Hung Dao.  The USO was on Nguyen Hue.  The Walling was on Pham Ngu Lao.

-- 4-31--

Author Unknown / Mostly likely from 1968