Received on December 24, 2014 and simply titled "office," I assume it was the 1st Inf. Div. PIO Office.

Tim in Nov 2000 sporting his new AFVN T-shirt.

A last view of Tim Abney at Lai Khe The small metal box behind my head is the actual transmitter!

Sometimes it was pleasant just to put one's

feet up and relax.

"We should all have stayed this young and innocent!" - Tim Abney

3rd Bde HQ Dead Ahead

The pool was pretty nice but I did not go much.

This is the way down Highway 13. 

The Iron Brigade HQ is on the left.

There was a swimming pool attached to the base.

It was built by the French colonialists who lived

there before we came.

One fellow got so bored he waxed the fire truck.

On base things got really boring at times.  This fellow was so bored that he decided to photograph burning shit.  I was so bored I took a photo of a fellow taking a photo of burning shit.

And even when you got somewhere,

the views were not always that good.

On the road to nowhere, the roads were usually not crowded.

Sometimes we wished that we had places to go off-base. The view above of the "North Gate" tells you why we did not do that much. Agent Orange killed all the vegetation in front of you.

One 122 mm rocket landed in front of our station. [Thanks to SP4 Rich Agotness for demonstrating

the rocket's penetrating power.]

The tower for the nearby chopper base made it easy to find our way to work in the daytime.  But by night the VC used it as an "aiming stake" for mortar fire-until it was turned off-most of the time.  It was good they did because [continued]…

SP4 Dan Bernard also provided a great sound at KLIK.

Ed Levinson and Lon Carruth were just buddies...honest!

SP4 Paige Pinkette III. 
According to Tim Abney, Paige did a great Soul and R&B show. He was a volunteer DJ. When he wasn't available I often filled in for him. I once told him "I get a lot more requests than you do." His response: "That's because they know I know what to play."

SP4 Jim McDade hard at work. did SP4 Ken Kleipeis, USA.  He lives in NJ now.

Fellow DJ Chuck Moody also entertained the troops...

SP4 Tim Abney, USA, spins a disk for listeners

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The KLIK Gang in 1967.  At that time providing music and news from the Third Brigade of the Big Red One.

Standing [l to r] are Pete Klusman, Ken Klepeis, and Phil Dubbs.  Lon Carruth is sitting.

KLIK Photos

Forrest Brandt, 1LT, USA with Tim Abney, SP4, USA [KLIK disk jockey]

KLIK - The "Big Red One"

(c) By Forrest Brandt, 1Lt, (1968-1989)

January 26, 1998

Radio Lai Khe -- South Vietnam, 1967

"Serving the Big Red One"