• Adjusting to Vietnam13:07

  • With the Men in the Field13:35

  • Red Cross - Doughnut Dollies13:19

  • Armored Cavalry - 1st of the 4th13:04

  • 173rd Aviation Company12:35

  • 1st Supply & Transportation Bn.13:36

With the Men

The stress of daily and nightly Vietnam life of the men of the 1st Infantry Division.


Medevac'ing the wounded in Vietnam with the 57th Medical Detachment.

Division Artillery

Life in the field with the Division Artillery in Vietnam.


Religious services, counseling and moral support from the clergy.

Band - Sun, Sand, Sandbags and Sound

The band of the Big Red One had many duties.

Armored Cavalry - 1st of the 4th

"The Quarter Horse" in Vietnam.

Adjusting to Vietnam

The stress of changing from civilian or garrison to the combat setting.

173rd Aviation Company

In the air with the Huey "slicks"

of "The Robin Hoods" in Vietnam.

1st Supply and Transportation Battalion

Running convoy down dangerous roads to supply the  division.

"Duty First" -- 1st Div (KLIK) Radio Shows

Radio Features Aired on AFVN about the Big Red One

Prepared by 1LT Forrest Brandt, USA and SP4 William Johanson, USA

Hear Then Again Below

Fascinating 15 minute radio shows about units and men of the Big Red One in the field, on night perimeter defense, medevac'ing the wounded, and rolling down dangerous highways in convoys.  Hear the officers and men, the artillery, the grunts, the medics, the division band, the chaplains, and many more.  These shows were produced 1LT Forrest Brandt and SP4 William  Johanson of 1st Div PIO during the Vietnam war -- with production assistance from AFVN.  The shows were aired Saturdays on the AFVN nationwide radio network.

KLIK - The "Big Red One"

(c) By Forrest Brandt, 1Lt, (1968-1989)

January 26, 1998

Radio Lai Khe -- South Vietnam, 1967

"Serving the Big Red One"

  • Postal Services12:34

  • The Electric Train Jazz Band13:19

  • Dustoff - Medical Evacuation13:03

  • 1st Division Artillery12:55

  • Chaplains of the 1st Inf. Div.14:40

  • 1st Infantry Division Band11:46

 Red Cross

Doughnut Dollies and emergency services -- the Red Cross was there for the 1st Infantry Division.

Postal Services

Division army postal services worked 16/7 to get the mail through.

The Electric Train

A feature story about three very talented troopers and their Vietnam Jazz Band.