This link is for an embroidered custom patch site (one of many), again from AFVN'er Bob Morecook.  

There are numerous custom patch making sites on the web.  Here is one example though I do not know their work.

I believe they could likely make a good patch by using the image from a sticker/decal purchased

from the decal site above. 

The Studio Patches

This is a replica based upon Craig Prosser's memory.

[Received from Craig Prosser, July 2016.]

This is a scan of an actual shirt from the

early days of AFRS (AFVN).

[Received from Paul Kasper, July 2016.]

This link for AFVN caps is also from AFVN'er Bob Morecook.  

When he posted it on Facebook he wrote "Disclosure, I make a small referral fee."

On April 9, 2014, after Bob posted this, Jim Andrews wrote:

"THE AFVN badge I wore at the [2014] reunion was one of their decals. They do good work and I recommend them. "

Message from Ken Guilder dated October 20, 2014

Special Offer on AFVN Chips

Since I missed the reunion due to a medical emergency, here are the chips up for grabs. They are $4.50 each (+$1.40 postage); six for $25 (+$2.50 postage) and 13 for $50 (+$4.50 postage) PayPal is accepted, but please add 5%.

PayPal address is Checks and money orders may be sent to P. O. Box 16096, St. Petersburg, FL 33733. Shipment will be the same, or next business day from receipt of payment by money order, certified check, or cashiers check. Personal checks will be held five days.
Actual size is about that of a quarter.


This link for AFVN and other military decals for your auto or elsewhere and of various sizes

is from AFVN'er Bob Morecook.  

He added [Nope, I don't make anything on this.]

Click Here

On May 17th, 2016, Bob wrote:

Recently there was a request for more info about these.  This site makes beautiful DECALS/STICKERS and AFVN, AFN, AFRTS, and others are available. The sticker can be from 2 inches wide to 32 inches wide.  I got a 6 inch one for my car and it is beautiful.  It was delivered in about one week after ordering it.  The page is very graphic intensive and loads slowly.​

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or the Webmaster endorse or guarantee the sellers or their products in any way.

Any complaints must be handled between the seller and the buyer only.

This link goes to an internet company which handles a wide variety of hats and other

items of clothing, etc. which may be decorated with the AFVN or 1st Inf. Div. Badge.

Good Morning Vietnam Merchandise Store