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The following is from a message from Ron dated February 19, 2017

I am the guy that was wounded there during the student riots and patched up at the Cholon Marine medical depot and

turned down a purple heart.  Dumbest single decision I ever made.  Not for myself so much but for my grandchildren.

That is one cool award. And I earned it twice and turned both down.  (The other was a wound while stationed with Charlie

Co. 2/22nd Infantry; 25th Infantry Division as an 11B20)

Ron older, and qualified to act a "Grandfatherly Santa Claus."

[Posted on Facebook by Nick Degner on March 6, 2017.]

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Ron Bartlett came to AFVN after a stint as an infantryman with Co C, 2/22nd, 25th Infantry Division.  He received wounds to the back of his head, back and knee(s) during an incursion with the students/VC while trying to come in to work one day

and was patched up at the Cholon Marine Corps AID Station.

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