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CBS Documentary, 1993, Schwarzkopf in Vietnam - A Soldier Returns

Rick Fredericksen was head of the CBS Bangkok Office at the time.  

He was on the production staff when the documentary was made.

   Dated:  October 4, 2016

    From:  Rick Fredericksen

Subject:  Fredericksen Retirement Story

Gosh, thanks for the kind words Jim.  I've covered a lot of news stories since the AFVN days we shared.  But like you, that time in Vietnam was the most memorable; we were young, the exciting city, the new career, the tumultuous times in the newsroom, and friends like you.  Maybe we'll reconnect at a reunion sometime Jim. Cheers
Rick Fredericksen

Rick Fredericksen: The Continental is doing fine. A scaled down sidewalk cafe' has returned and they even serve an American steak.   Can you imagine steak and eggs and French coffee!!  Photo courtesy of my special Saigon friend.  Dick Field Le Bourgeois:  The antithesis of the ideal communist citizen. Formidable!

Larry "Coop" Cooper:  I just love the smell of charbroiled Water Buffalo in the mornin'.

Every morning we'd update the forecast, about 30 seconds or so, by reading into these audio recorders.  Anyone could call the phone number and get the very latest outlook in Cherry Point, North Carolina.

Big Band Museum

A link to a Iowa Public Radio program narrated by Rick Fredericksen.

[Received February 13, 2019.]

​Revealed! Escapades at Vietnam Radio-TV Outpost
A blog by Rick Fredericksen.
[Posted on Facebook in March 2019.]

Slide Show

9 Photos

 Rick Fredericksen  Cpl, USMC   (Page 2)

Saigon / Hon Tre 1969-70

After completing his military service, Rick continued to work as a news correspondent in the Far East and South-East Asia so some of these photos were taken after the Vietnam War ended.

   Dated:  October 4, 2016

    From:  Mike McNally

Subject:  Rick, Congrats on Your Retirement

Rick, congrats on your retirement. Are you interested in a change of pace?  Vin Scully's position with the Dodgers is now available. Take a few days off to think about it....

Mike McNally

Rick's new license plate.

[Received June 27, 2017.]

Anchorman's Haunting Story

I met Shirley 41 years after announcing her family's tragedy. I sat in Shirley's living room

a week before Thanksgiving and we became acquainted...

​[Received November, 2017.]

Some Responses to the Above

From Joe Ciokon:  Gives me the shivers. I can't think of an incident in my broadcasting career so dramatic, impactful, and haunting, other than the Marine Barracks in Beirut.

From M​ike McNally:  Rick, I'm certain that Shirley took some comfort from meeting you and discussing the accident.

More on Detachment, 5 Hue and TET 68 at
AFVN Organization /
Detachment 5, Hue

AFVN Photos and Stories /Frank Ettmueller

AFVN Photos and Stories /Donat "Don" Gouin

Conversation / Detachment 5 Location

Rick Fredericksen when at Cherry Point, North Carolina

50 Years Ago (1969?): Final days at Cherry Point before heading to Vietnam. 

Next stop: Home leave and infantry training before shipping out.

Rick Fredericksen with President Nixon in Di An in 1969

[Rick Fredericksen]  Trump in Iraq makes me recall my own experience covering Nixon in Vietnam. (I'm in this crowd somewhere.)  It was my first TV stand-up and I did it for the American Forces Vietnam Network (1969 in Di An).

[Jim Boltz]  How nice Rick. Great memory, i am sure. Met Nixon in Merle Hay Mall when it didn't have a roof. Haah!

[Dennis Morrison]  Here are a few my buddy Harry Walls took the same day in DiAn. You could say, we worked for the 595 Signal Company.

[Rick Fredericksen]  My cameraman was so close he shook his hand.

[Rick Fredericksen]  I give the Nixon visit two paragraphs in my book "Broadcasters: Untold Chaos."

[Dennis Bourn]  Safe to say you are one of the guys with a helmet on, right??

[Rick Fredericksen]  No Dennis, the helmeted guys belong to the unit being visited. I don't know how I dressed that day. I was authorized to wear civvies, but since I was doing an on-camera, I would have been wearing utilities (or fatigues as the Army calls them), but definitely would have left my helmet in my room back in Saigon.

Iowa Storyteller Retired after Illustrious 48-year career

A KCCI (Des Moines, Iowa) Report on Rick Fredericksen's retirement.

[Received from Rick on October 4, 2016.]

To see Rick's Blog with his stories of the My Canh bombing, Project Jenny, etc. please  click here.

Link to a CBS New Report on the "Giant Catfish of the Mekong River"

by Rick Fredericksen, broadcast in 1988

when he was Bureau Chief or CBS News, Bangkok

   Dated:  October 4, 2016

    From:  Rick Fredericksen

Subject:  Rick, Congrats on Your Retirement

Now Scully is a real legend Michael. I might qualify as waer boy. Thanks friend.

Individual Photo Albums & Stories

Rick Fredericksen and Hugh Morgan in 2015.

The Soundtrack of the Vietnam War

Charity Nebbe talks with Craig Werner and Doug Bradley co-authors of

"We Gotta Get Out of this Place"

Iowa Public  Radio

[Received from Rick Fredericksen in April 2016]

Two reporters make news as husband and wife.  In Penang, Malaysia with Wanna Fredericksen.

Book Preview of "Broadcasters: Untold Chaos"


Now Available on Amazon Kindle

A short video narration by Rick Fredericksen promoting his forthcoming book.

[Received from Rick on April 14, 2017.]

I'm standing at the place where I nearly became a casualty on Thanksgiving Day 1969 in Saigon. As I was returning to my hotel after Thanksgiving dinner, an Army explosives team had just defused a terrorist bomb in the lobby. I posed for this photo in the same lobby of the former Plaza Hotel last Feb. — in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

[Posted on Facebook November 2018]

Photo Story of Saigon Today

Rick Fredericksen's Old Asia Hands Blogspot

[Received December 2018]

Some Responses to the Above---

   Dated:  October 4, 2016

    From:  JimAllingham

Subject:  Fredericksen Retirement Story

Great story!  Happy retirement, Rick.  You were one of the first AFVNers I met when I arrived in Saigon.  You graciously extended your hand in friendship and quickly became one of the guys I admired for your honesty, integrity and professionalism.
It was an honor to serve with you.  I forwarded this story to my daughters with the note that I proudly worked with you and I am still proud to call you my friend.
As you know, I was Army, so please excuse me, but I can't resist saying "Semper Fi" my friend!
Jim Allingham

AFVN News 1969-70

Saigon/Hon Tre Island

50 Years ago: My final days at this little radio and TV office came in January 1969.  It was a lean and mean operation at Marine Corps Air Station, Cherry Point, North Carolina.  My next stop was home leave and infantry training before shipping out to Vietnam.   

I was holding the album "Best of Bob Dylan."

Bob Lawrence (left) and RIck Fredericksen in August 2015.