An obviously "newly-minted Military" Michael Goucher

[Taken from Facebook, July 2016.]

 From:  Jim White 
Date:  July 9, 2013
Subject:  AFVN Digest 6619 - Lady Liberty NY/NJ
Hello again,
​Thanks for the quick reply.  I have updated the roster but did abbreviate your many jobs to an extent.  Ideally, one line per name makes it easier for people to read  However, I've kept your message and may, later on, find a place for it on the Web site.  Must admit, you had an interesting assignment and it made for interesting reading as well.

 From:  Michael R. Goucher 
Date:  July 10, 2013
Subject:  AFVN Digest 6619 - Lady Liberty  NY/NJ
Forgot to mention that the (recorded) Fort Irwin Army Hour show was aired on Sundays at 2 PM.
​Thanks again!
 From:  Michael Goucher 
Date:  July 10, 2013
Subject:  AFVN Digest 6619 - Lady Liberty NY/NJ
​Heya, Jim White! Allow me to answer your questions....
​ I was at AFVN Detachment #3, Pleiku atop Dragon Mountain about 3 clicks from Camp Enari, HQ of the Fourth (Ivy) Division. Branch of Service was US Army and my assignments varied while at Det 3.  I was a switcher (Tech Director) at first, moved up to news film editor and slides organizer for our 3 newscasts.  Then I was moved up to weather, then news anchor for the main newscast at 6:30 PM.  I brought some ideas I had picked up at WPIX-TV in New York (my job prior to and immediately following military service) and we did an off-camera newscast at 10 PM complete with all the actualities and slides.  It was well-received by two of our COs and I was made news manager.  When the Texas Tower people finished the AM radio installation at Camp Enari, I did a Friday morning hour-long DJ show for two episodes until my then CO decided he wanted to imitate Saigon's output and my more elaborately produced programs featuring a particular artist did not satisfy.  So my DJ experience on AFVN was short lived.  When I DEROSed in Nov. 1968 I was a SP5, my next assignment was as Editor of Tank Tracks at the US Army Armor & Desert Training Center in the Mojave Desert at For Irwin, CA.  On Thursday nights, after an early start at the printers at 6:00 AM, I got to record a mostly country DJ show called "The Fort Irwin Army Hour" at KIOT in Barstow, CA.  Looking back on it all, I had a good time of it. Thanks for asking!

 Michael R. Goucher  SP5, USA  Pleiku 1967-68

 A message abouit his tour with AFVN, Pleiku.

 From:  Jim White 
Date:  July 10, 2013
Subject:  AFVN Digest 6619 - Lady Liberty NY/NJ
​Thanks to this message I was able to correct the spelling of your last name on the AFVN Roster list.  Could you send me your rank (upon departure from AFVN) and branch of service as well?  If you tell me, I'll even list your job (engineer, dj, new, etc.) Jim

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