Some of the earlier, volunteer personnel at AFRS worked for an hourly wage--

and perhaps only one day a week.

Ron later wrote: I only worked on the weekends. I started as a part time newscaster and then

they gave me the Sunday night "Diamonds In The Mist" program that ran from 6 PM until 10.

I was not a regular staff member. Also, the only station I knew of at that time was the AM AFRS.  I

believe the FM started shortly after I left in late 1965.  My MOS fell under the Signal Corps (34C2) and

I worked on IBM related equipment during the week.   My main office was in the MACV 2 compound. 

Frank Vehorn and Ron Some 51 Years Later

Here is a reunion, 51 years in the making. Frank Vehorn & I at AFRS in 1965 (scroll up) and again in Dade City Florida for lunch.

Great food and even better reminiscing.  Our wives also had a ball getting to know each other.  I just had to share our "now & then" moment, since our quilt's theme is "Now & Then."  They are scheduled to be out west during our reunion, so can't be there.

Frank told me to say "Hi"  to Bob Nelson & Bill Altman. They tried, but couldn't make the one in 2014.

[Received from Ron Hesketh in August 2016.]

NOTE:  AFVN was still the Armed Forces Radio Service (AFRS) when Ron in Vietnam.

AFRS Teletype Machines.

Ron Hesketh  SP5, USA  Saigon  1964-65

    From:  Ron Kesketh

     Date:  May 10, 2015

Subject:  New License Plate

The State of Florida has issued new license plates, to include one for Vietnam veterans.

Here is mine.  I feel so lucky.

Ron Hesketh

Some comments from others--

Entrance to the AFRS Station at the Brink Hotel.

Two Recent Photos

Ron marched in a Vietnam Veterans memorial "Welcome Home" parade on May 1st, 2015.

In his message accompanying the photos, Ron wrote:

I marched in the Vietnam Veterans memorial "Welcome Home" parade today and 

was honored to be the guidon bearer for the contingent.  

Most of the attendees rode in a bus or trailer.

 I was happy to be able to walk the entire length of the parade route.

  I also visited the traveling wall in a hallowed ground park in Inverness, Florida.

Hopefully, I will be able to attend the closing ceremony tomorrow.

Letter of Appreciation

A copy of the letter dated July 29, 1965 which Ron received upon his departure from Vietnam.

[Received from Ron Hesketh in October 2014.]

Shirt (left pocket) logo used when we were at the Brink Hotel.

Individual Photo Albums & Stories

Ron Hesketh -- The Actor

On November 30 and 31, 2019, Ron appeared in a local production of "The Rooster."

Click here to see him being interviewed by TV Station WKYE in Lecanto, Florida.

​His portion starts at about 8:31 and continues to the end.  

[Information received from Ron Hesketh in March 2019.]

    From:  Steve Pennington

     Date:  May 3, 2015

Subject:  Parade

Great photos.   Well done.


Ron on the air.

Ron recording in the Dai Nam BEQ (but is he watching what he is doing?).

    From:  Forrest Brandt

     Date:  May 3, 2015

Subject:  Parade

Thanks for representing all of us here, Ron.  Welcome home!

Ron (in back) with Bob Derogge and SP5 Don Busser, USA on June 25th, 1965 (but who is who?).

I was Ron's 25th birthday.

    From:  Arnaldo Rodrigues

     Date:  May 3, 2015

Subject:  Parade

I made it to the parade comrade Ron, and although I didn’t know you, after seeing your picture I remembered you and your group. Thank you for your participation in the parade. 
I didn’t make it to Liberty nor to Wallace Brooks Parks. Too crowded for me today. I’ll try tomorrow.

Ron with  JO3 Frank Vehorn, USN.

Ron at the AFRS Entrance.