Ron Hesketh -- The Actor

On November 30 and 31, 2019, Ron appeared in a local production of "The Rooster."

Click here to see him being interviewed by TV Station WKYE in Lecanto, Florida.

​His portion starts at about 8:31 and continues to the end.  

[Information received from Ron Hesketh in March 2019.]

 Some of the earlier, volunteer personnel at AFRS worked for an hourly wage--

and perhaps only one day a week.

Ron later wrote: I only worked on the weekends. I started as a part time newscaster and then

they gave me the Sunday night "Diamonds In The Mist" program that ran from 6 PM until 10.

I was not a regular staff member. Also, the only station I knew of at that time was the AM AFRS.  I

believe the FM started shortly after I left in late 1965.  My MOS fell under the Signal Corps (34C2) and

I worked on IBM related equipment during the week.   My main office was in the MACV 2 compound. 

Frank Vehorn and Ron Some 51 Years Later

Here is a reunion, 51 years in the making. Frank Vehorn & I at AFRS in 1965 (scroll up) and again in Dade City Florida for lunch.

Great food and even better reminiscing.  Our wives also had a ball getting to know each other.  I just had to share our "now & then" moment, since our quilt's theme is "Now & Then."  They are scheduled to be out west during our reunion, so can't be there.

Frank told me to say "Hi"  to Bob Nelson & Bill Altman. They tried, but couldn't make the one in 2014.

[Received from Ron Hesketh in August 2016.]

    From:  Arnaldo Rodrigues

     Date:  May 3, 2015

Subject:  Parade

I made it to the parade comrade Ron, and although I didn’t know you, after seeing your picture I remembered you and your group. Thank you for your participation in the parade. 
I didn’t make it to Liberty nor to Wallace Brooks Parks. Too crowded for me today. I’ll try tomorrow.

    From:  Steve Pennington

     Date:  May 3, 2015

Subject:  Parade

Great photos.   Well done.


Some comments from others--

Letter of Appreciation

A copy of the letter dated July 29, 1965 which Ron received upon his departure from Vietnam.

[Received from Ron Hesketh in October 2014.]

Ron on the air.

AFRS Teletype Machines.

Ron with  JO3 Frank Vehorn, USN.

Ron (in back) with Bob Derogge and SP5 Don Busser, USA on June 25th, 1965 (but who is who?).

I was Ron's 25th birthday.

Shirt (left pocket) logo used when we were at the Brink Hotel.

Ron recording in the Dai Nam BEQ (but is he watching what he is doing?).

Ron at the AFRS Entrance.

Ron Hesketh  SP5, USA  Saigon  1964-65

Entrance to the AFRS Station at the Brink Hotel.

Individual Photo Albums & Stories

    From:  Ron Kesketh

     Date:  May 10, 2015

Subject:  New License Plate

The State of Florida has issued new license plates, to include one for Vietnam veterans.

Here is mine.  I feel so lucky.

Ron Hesketh

NOTE:  AFVN was still the Armed Forces Radio Service (AFRS) when Ron in Vietnam.

    From:  Forrest Brandt

     Date:  May 3, 2015

Subject:  Parade

Thanks for representing all of us here, Ron.  Welcome home!

Two Recent Photos

Ron marched in a Vietnam Veterans memorial "Welcome Home" parade on May 1st, 2015.

In his message accompanying the photos, Ron wrote:

I marched in the Vietnam Veterans memorial "Welcome Home" parade today and 

was honored to be the guidon bearer for the contingent.  

Most of the attendees rode in a bus or trailer.

 I was happy to be able to walk the entire length of the parade route.

  I also visited the traveling wall in a hallowed ground park in Inverness, Florida.

Hopefully, I will be able to attend the closing ceremony tomorrow.