Jack A. Holsomback, Jr.  GySgt,

USMC  News & Sports,  Da Nang / Saigon 

1966-67 / 1971

Individual Photo Albums & Stories

Chris Noel and I wait for our cue to appear on the TV station on Monkey Mountain, Vietnam.  I have aged quite a bit but Chris still looks super great.  I believe this photo was taken at Christmas, Da Nang, in 1976 [sic. 1966].

[Posted by John Holsomback on March 23rd, 2017.]

A little bit on Jack's service with the North Carolina State Guard--
Hi Dickie: 
Yes, I was a member of the North Carolina State Defense Militia (State Guard).   At first, I organized a company as a first lieutenant.  Later I was promoted to captain and was commanding officer of the Raleigh, central North Carolina "Triangle" battalion.  My final position was promotion to major and was the public affairs officer of the NCSDM.  It was formed under the same federal documents as the Texas Guard, of which Uncle Bob was a member.  When I left North Carolina, the NCSDM was alive and well.  We were providing search and rescue, hurricane relief, and other duties as directed by our big boss, the State Governor.  I wore army fatigues, and dress uniform of an officer.  The only difference was the state flag replaced the national emblem on my left shoulder . For the record, I was also officially a colonel, serving at the pleasure of Mississippi's governor.  This was more an advisory and honor position in the State of Mississippi.
Our uniforms were khaki colored worsted or cotton.  It was our summer uniform.  The Marines refused to sew on the MACV and AFVN patches, so we finally were allowed to wear them in he little plastic holders buttoned to the two pockets.  As I recall, the MACV patch was on the left side.  There were no special uniforms just the standard uniform for the Marines.  No one could see the small derringer holster and pistol I wore on my right leg.  I loved that little chrome thing, and hated to get rid of my M-1, and gear and ammo, plus the little pistol when I cam home just before Tet.
​ Jack