Tim standing by the stairs to the van and the Detachment sign. (Received in March 2016.)

And now in the studio. (Received in March 2016.)

Another view of the compound. 
A general view of the Det 5, Quang Tri compound. 
The van has been painted while in spite of the objections of the Detachment staff.
Painting it was supposed to help keep it cooler but it also made it a better and brighter target.

If you look closely you can see a jeep and 3 or 4 people outside just to the right of the van.

A close-up of the sign.

"Television" is missing at the bottom so it must have been taken before the above photo.

Tim Lennox  SP4, USA 

News, Det 5, Quang Tri   1970-71

The TV Van--a 5th-wheel trailer containing a complete TV studio.

This van had been at Hue during the TET 68 attack and was then shipped to Quang Tri.

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