On July 28th, 2018, I noticed that I had some photos of Da Nang from Al and the roster never showed that he was located there. I wrote the following: "Al, This is Jim White, Webmaster for AFVNVETS.net. Right now, I show you as having been in Qui Nhon and Saigon--but recently you posted some photos from Da Nang. Were you also there for a while? If so, I need to change your roster entry. Also, do you still live in Arizona? If so, I'll add you to the "Where are we today?" map. Do you have more photos of Da Nang (I have six you posted on July 18th? or so.) send them to me at my webmaster address on our web site and I'll make a second slide show for you. Thanks,"

​Al replied: "Hi Jim, I was actually a roving engineer before Qui Nhon, then was tasked to pick up the first van in Clark AB to deliver and install in Qui Nhon.  I was then tasked to install the next van in Da Nang.  Then I traveled between the two sites and Saigon. I was always on the move.  I was even issued a priority pass to fly where ever, whenever.  Never a dull moment.  I did all the radio frequency surveys with a young Army Enlisted guy, that I can only remember as Ernie, all over Vietnam to find clear channels, from Da Nang to Vung Tau.  The van in Qui Nhon was the 1st ever mobile TV and radio van in a combat zone, and was dedicated by GEN Westmorlan just after I finished installing it in 1966.  I now live (and work part time) in Germany near Ramstein AB."

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 My name is TSgt Allton Merwitz, USAF.  I was a technician in Saigon when AFVN was at the Brink Hotel 1965, then became one of two roving technicians (the other was TSgt Sullivan, USAF) from October 1965 to February 1966 working out of Saigon, eventually I was the head technician  (and promoted to MSgt) in Qui Nhon until PCS September 1966. 
Jean LeRoy had the morning show in the Brink.  The Viets had blown up the studio just before my arrival and we patched it back together with whatever cable and pieces of equipment wasn't completely destroyed.  Jean started his show with a sound effect of poring a cup of coffee and then shouted "Good Morning Vietnam".  Then he did the blue eagle TV at night.  I was involved with the construction of the main studio in Saigon under Mr. Scales and the delivery and installation of the first mobile radio and television station in AFRTS in Qui Nhon.  Also, later, the installations of the mobile station on Monkey Mountain in Da Nang.  I do have [some] pictures.

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Allton "Al" Merwitz, MSgt, USAF

Engineering, Saigon / Qui Nhon  1965-66

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