[In approximate chronological order of receipt.]

1.  Playing Games

2.  I Love Marines

3.  I Remember

4.  Vietnam--1 Year + 25

5.  Return to Vietnam

6.  Pieces of the Wall

7.  A Day in the Life of a Volunteer

8.  The Wall that Moves

9.  Trip to Washington D.C. for the Vietnam War Wall Ceremonies, Veterans Day, 2017

10.  Memories of Cu Chi and the 265th Radio Research Agency

[This goes to a conversation on Army Units in Vietnam. 

Look for her message of April 27, almost half-way down.]

National Yellow Bat DayStory of the 265th ASA/RRU  by David Pinto         265th ASA/RRU Web Page  

NOTE:  "Yellow Bat" was the patch of the 265th RRA,

a unit Nancy visited fairly often.

11.  Memories of the China Beach TV Show Production 

A photo of Nancy, most likely taken in Washington, D.C.

Nancy Smoyer  American Red Cross

Donut Dollie  1967-68

and Volunteer AFVN Disk Jockey

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