[Top - Left to Right]  Tim Nicholas, Sgt, USMC; Thomas Deaner, SP5, USA; Incoming OIC Peter B. Berlin, 1LT, USA; Someone half-hidden; RCA Tech Rep (Civilian) Ben Loudon; OIC Douglas Wilson, 1LT, USA; George Warde, MSG, USA; Unknown #1; Ralph Dowling. SSgt, USMC; Unknown #2; Robert Mandler, SSgt, USMC [Bottom - Left to Right]  Dave Mossman, GySgt, USMC; Joe Delucio; Carol Parlor, SSG, USA; Francis "Frank" J. Segreto, Jr., SSgt, USMC; Wilbur "Will" Fair, SFC, USA [Please send names of unknowns to the Webmaster.]

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SSG Victor David Sage, USA, takes to the air.

Douglas Wilson  1LT, USA 

OIC, Det 5, Quang Tri   1967-69