(Original credits by Paul Kasper in his "Unit History" file.)

          Thanks to, first and foremost the members of the unit for their input, photos and documents.  Also to Trent Christman, author of "Brass Button Broadcasters" (Turner Publishing Co., 1992), who allowed the use of material he had gathered for his book on AFTRS (Armed Forces Radio & Television Service) and to Frank Snepp, author of "Decent Interval" (University Press of Kansas, 2002), which contains additional information about the fall of Saigon, or permission to use some of his work.  Also, thanks to Bob Morecook, Tim Abney, Steve Robbins and they many others whose names are included in the AFVN roster.

         The records for AFVN are slowly being found in back closets in boxes that may not have been opened since returning from Vietnam or the last move.   Even some radio and television tapes have surviived the many years since Vietnam.   Photos have become memory tests of where and when and, most of all, "Who was that again?"  Hopefully this website will help others gather the time and energy to dig further into their boxes for more documents, audio, and video from AFVN which can be posted on this site and made available for our reunions and AFVN's history. 

Jim White, Webmaster from November 2012

SGM, USA (Ret'd)

(AFVN Admin NCO from August 1970 to June 71 (MSG, USA at the time)

Jerry Nelson, Assistant Webmaster from April 2018

(AFVN Admin Clerk from January 1970 to March 1971 (Sp4, USA at the time)

This website is based upon a "Unit History" prepared by Paul Kasper and Bob Morecook.  Their original version has been retained as much as possible but, even so, there are amplifications and additions, changes in wording at times, plus a general rearranging of some of their work. 

Comments, additions, corrections and "cheers and jeers" are all welcome.

This website is dedicated to the men and women that gave us the news, weather and music in Vietnam.  May their voices and images live forever in the annals of broadcasting history.  The links with home that they provided, both through news shows and music, and the support that they provided were of great help in maintaining and improving the morale of the troops. These men and women certainly have a place in the hearts and minds of all those who heard or watched radio and/or television shows in Vietnam.  Welcome home friends: the beat does go on, and to quote a former broadcaster who helped tell the Hollywood version of AFVN....