ET1 Ronald Wallick (Deceased)

Photo provided by his son.

Dennis Miller

Photo taken of Miller (with beer in hand) at TSN.  Photo provided by Jim Hicks

Blue Eagle I Crew Da Nang

Photo taken in 1967 showing the 627 crew just after landing at Da Nang to set up operations. 

Shown L-R, Back Row - Hopkins, Gaul, Clark, Gidge (PPC), Hunter, Pullen, Reynolds, Goode, Miskelley, Pearce, Keisow.

Front Row - Strealy, Orlandi (Crew Chief), Robbins, Strogen, Smithers, Lewis and Belodeau. 

Photo provided by Frenchy Belodeau.

Project Jenny

7-4.  Crew Photos

Bill Smithers

Chief Smithers, probably at Da Nang.  Photo provided by Frenchy Belodeau.

Steve "Robbie" Robbins

Photo of Robbins (with some of the Blue Eagle I crew in the background) at China Beach getting a lesson about stepping on hot sand barefoot. 

Photo provided by Frenchy Belodeau.

Jim "Hollywood" Hicks

Photo taken on board Blue Eagle I.  

Photo provided by Jim Hicks.