ET1 Ronald Wallick (Deceased)

Photo provided by his son.

Steve "Robbie" Robbins

Photo of Robbins (with some of the Blue Eagle I crew in the background) at China Beach getting a lesson about stepping on hot sand barefoot. 

Photo provided by Frenchy Belodeau.

Jim "Hollywood" Hicks

Photo taken on board Blue Eagle I.  

Photo provided by Jim Hicks.

Project Jenny

7-4.  Crew Photos

Bill Smithers

Chief Smithers, probably at Da Nang.  Photo provided by Frenchy Belodeau.

Dennis Miller

Photo taken of Miller (with beer in hand) at TSN.  Photo provided by Jim Hicks

Blue Eagle I Crew Da Nang

Photo taken in 1967 showing the 627 crew just after landing at Da Nang to set up operations. 

Shown L-R, Back Row - Hopkins, Gaul, Clark, Gidge (PPC), Hunter, Pullen, Reynolds, Goode, Miskelley, Pearce, Keisow.

Front Row - Strealy, Orlandi (Crew Chief), Robbins, Strogen, Smithers, Lewis and Belodeau. 

Photo provided by Frenchy Belodeau.