American Forces Vietnam Network (AFVN)

Saigon Blue Eagles broadcast AFVN material from 1965 to 1967


The Da Nang mission was performed under the direction of and with

program material provided by MACV-SOG. This was a highly classified

mission until recently declassified and most of the crew did not know who

we worked for at the time. In 2001, personnel who served with SOG were

awarded the Presidential Unit Citation by direction of President George Bush.

Missing patches or seals includes those of the THVN (the Government of The Republic of Vietnam's

Radio/TV Broadcasting Agency) and the USIA/VOA.  The Saigon Detachment flew broadcast

missions for THVN from 1966 to 1970 and periodically flew missions for USIA/VOA for such times

as when the VOA station at HUE was captured and taken off the air by the VC during Tet 68.

Project Jenny

6.  Patches of Project Jenny Supporting Commands