Those who supported us in many ways-- sometimes for little pay and often with minimal thanks.

Note:  The spellings of names, years, etc., is very problematical.

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[NB: The years "(67-73)" are used for most many of those listed because that from when the new studios were opened to the closing of AFVN in March 1973.  If anyone can give me anything different, it will be most welcome.]

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Ms. Rose Swan  Engineering  (67-72)

In 1971 she was possibly "senior" to all of the other clerical help.  It is also possible that due to slow stand-down and closing of the station, Rose Swan was transferred from the Engineering Section to the Admin Office sometime in late 1971 or early 1972. [See Ron Turner's comments under the above link.]

Ms. Ahn  Secretary, Radio Records / Music Library  (67-72)

Ms. "Ba" Dao  Driver  (67-72)

Mr. Cam  Librarian (64-??)

Ms. Mai "Yumm" Dung  Coffee & Pastry "Closet" then Secretary to the Program Director  (67-68)

A student and always reading when not busy.  Married Doug Offenbacher in 1970.

Mr. Shan  Engineering Section  (68-69)

Ms. Hahn  Supply  (70-72)

Newly hired in December 1970 or January 1971.

Ms. Hahn  (67-72) 

Questionable entry?

Ms. Rose Hahn  Secretary & Telephone Operator,  Admin  (67-71 or 72)

Mr. Ke Nguyen Van, Translator, Engineering Section  (??-72)   Source

Ms. Kim  (67-72)

Ms. Rose Kook (sp?)  Radio Records / Music Library  (67-72)

Ms. Lam (66-68)

Ms. Hoang Thuy-Lieu   Secretary, Det.2, Da Nang (71-72 or more)

Mr. Charlie Long  Driver  (63-64)

Mr. "Papa-san" Ngot  Janitor  (67-72) Veteran of the French Foreign Legion

Mr. Nguyen Tanh Nhut  Chief Engineer  (62-64+?)

Mr. "Pop" Nyung  Driver  (67-72)

Ms. Thi An Mai Pham  (Miss Mai)  Secretary  (65-69+?)

Mr. Sahn  Engineering  (68-69)

Mrs. Song  Typist  (63-64+?)

​Ms. Tang (66-68)

Mr. Tran To Tri (aka Winston Chan)  Librarian / Clerk  (62-4+?)

At least one, perhaps two, women janitors (67-72)

Mr. Johnny Chen  Telephone Operator (early 70)

With AFVN only a short while?  He was no longer with AFVN by August 1970.

Mr. Chong  Generator Operator and Barber, Det. 2, Da Nang (71-72 or more)

Ms. Truc Mai Pham  Co-DJ'ed a show  (72-73) 

Mr. Ke Nguyen Van  Engineering Section Translator  (??-72)   Source

The following were members of the Antenna Team (Engineering Section).

Mr. Albert Sen, Tower Crew Supervisor  (69)

Mr. Nguyen Cong Hy  (??-72)  AFVN Antenna Team

Mr. Nguyen Wan Thai  (??-72)  AFVN Antenna Team

Mr. Bui Van Nam  (??-72)  AFVN Antenna Team

Mr. Nguyen Van Son  (??-72)  AFVN Antenna Team

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